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Lennox Furnaces Buying Guide

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Lennox Furnace Brand Review

Lennox  furnaces come from a long-standing company opened in 1895 by Dave Lennox. Since then, it has been in business offering central heating, ventilation, refrigeration and air conditioning to the world. The company specializes in highly efficient cooling and heating units, and makes some of the most efficient products sold today. We will review some of the specs of a Lennox furnace replacement below.

Lennox HVAC systems

lennox brand furnaces

Lennox Furnace Installation Costs

The average Lennox gas furnace cost can range from $2,470 to $3,895 in total installation costs.The cost to install a Lennox furnace ranges by model type, the average homeowner with an 1,800 square foot home could expect to pay around $3,600 to install a gas furnace. You can see the average costs to install a standard furnace by the brand below by home size.

Lennox Furnace Prices by Home Size
Home Square Ft.Furnace Size NeededLennox Installation Cost 
600 to 1,000 sq. ft.40,000 BTU$2,375 to $2,589
800 to 1,200 sq. ft.50,000 BTU$2,690 to $2,920
1,000 to 1,400 sq. ft.60,000 BTU$3,043 to $3,560
1,200 to 1,600 sq. ft.70,000 BTU$3,400 to $3,589
1,400 to 1,800 sq. ft.80,000 BTU$3,599 to $3,698
1,800 to 2,300 sq. ft.100,000 BTU$4,100 to $4,300
2,300 to 3,000 sq. ft120,000 BTU$4,432 to $4,499

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Lennox Furnace Prices by Model

The price of a replacement furnace will of course depend on the model you choose, the level of efficiency (AFUE %) desired, and average labor costs in your area. The average price for a mid tier 95% AFUE Lennox gas furnace such as the Lennox ML195 from the Merit Series you could expect to pay $1,832 for the furnace alone and $3,375 in total installation costs. See prices by other Lennox furnace models below:

Lennox Furnace Model Prices
Lennox Furnace ModelUnit PriceInstallation Costs
Lennox ML180$1,148 $2,250
Lennox EL180E$1,360 $2,470
Lennox  ML193$1,598 $3,282
Lennox EL280$1,682 $2,870
Lennox SL280V$1,715 $2,952
Lennox ML195$1,832 $3,375
Lennox EL296E$1,940 $3,462
Lennox SLP98V$2,365 $3,712

What Lennox Furnace Model is Most Cost Effective for Your Climate?

When deciding on which furnace model will be best for your home, you will need to take into consideration your location and home size to get a total HVAC replacement cost estimate. This will allow you to know what kind of BTU levels you will need and also which AFUE rating will be best for your home. We have separated each region of all 50 U.S. states below into a climate map to help give you an idea of which Lennox model will be the best for you.

  • Zone 1, 2, 3: – 80% AFUE
  • Zone 4: – 90% to 93% AFUE
  • Zone 5: – 93% to 95% + AFUE

furnace installation heat map for climate

If you were installing a new Lennox furnace in a Zone 3 climate state such as Kansas where the winter weather can be moderate for a 2,000 square foot home, you would want to think about installing a Lennox EL280 with an 80% AFUE. That particular model would price out to be around $1,682 for the furnace alone and with labor and installation costs would be around $2,870 in total.

Lennox Furnace Models 

Lennox furnaces are split into three different levels each offering better features with each upgrade in class. There is the Merit, the Elite and the Dave Lennox Signature Collection. Each of these are highly efficient, but the Dave Lennox Signature offers a 98.7 percent efficiency with its highest model.

5 different types of lennox hvac systems.

Lennox Merit Series Furnace

The Lennox Merit ML offers a gas furnaces with 80% to 90 AFUE rating and a single stage speed, which means they constantly put out the maximum amount of heat into your home despite the outside temperature.

Lennox Elite Series Furnace

The Lennox Elite EL furnace comes in both a single stage speed and two stage speed model and offer an 90% AFUE energy efficiency level as well as at 90+ furnace model.

Dave Lennox Signature Series

The top furnace model offered by Lennox is the Dave Lennox Signature series furnace which boasts an impressive two stage speed system with anywhere from 80% AFUE all the way up to a 98.7% AFUE energy efficiency level. This is one of the best AFUE ratings found out of all the best furnace brands you can install or replace with.

Variable Heating and Cooling

There aren’t many cooling and heating technologies that can both cool and heat a space at the same time. While that normally is not something a business or a homeowner would want to do, in a very large space there are times when it would be beneficial to be able to cool some rooms while heating the rest.

Advanced Lennox systems come with variable speed blowers and adjustable burner controls to provide different levels of heating and cooling as needed. This lets residential equipment from Lennox operate in very strict heat ranges. While equipment from other companies might vary by as much as 3 degrees above or below the thermostat setting, Lennox equipment generally stays within a single degree of the set temperature thanks to the highly flexible technology.

Lennox Furnace Warranty Info

Lennox offers a highly comprehensive warranty on any of the top-end Dave Lennox Signature Collection furnaces. These furnace heating units get component and compressor coverage for 10 years and heat exchanger coverage for 20 years. When using the Elite series coverage drops to 5 years for components, 10 years for the compressor and remains at 20 years for a heat exchanger. Finally, the Merit series furnace get 5 years of coverage for both components and compressors and 20 years is provided for the heat exchanger.

You may also be interested in installing a new Lennox air conditioner at the same time should both your HVAC units need replacing.