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Lennox HVAC Units – Review

Lennox HVAC systems

Lennox HVAC is a long-standing company opened in 1895 by Dave Lennox. Since then, it’s been in business offering heating, ventilation, refrigeration and air conditioning to the world. The company specializes in highly efficient cooling and heating units, and makes some of the most efficient products sold today.

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Lennox HVAC Products Offered

Lennox HVAC offers a range of products to its residential customers. Whether you want to heat your home, cool it down or do both, you can meet your requirements with Lennox equipment.


Lennox furnaces are split into three different levels. There is the Merit, the Elite and the Dave Lennox Signature Collection. Each is highly efficient, but the Dave Lennox Signature offers a 98.7 percent efficiency with its highest model.

Air Conditioners

Lennox central ac units are offered in the Merit, the Elite and the Dave Lennox Signature Collection series. They range from 14 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) down in the Merit series, to up to 26 SEER in the Signature collection.

Heat Pumps

As with the other products, the Lennox heat pumps are available in three series, the Merit the Elite and the David Lennox Signature. The Merit series is the loudest and reaches an HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor) of 7.7. The Elite offers an HSPF of 10 and the Signature goes up to 10.2 while being quieter than either of the other two series models.

Lennox Packaged HVAC Units

Packaged units are a LennoxHVAC product that puts all the main cooling components into one compact package. The units are small and allow you to effectively cool your home without taking up much space to do it.

The Lennox HVAC Warranty

Lennox offers a highly comprehensive warranty on any of the top-end Dave Lennox Signature Collection products. Those products get component and compressor coverage for 10 years and heat exchanger coverage for 20 years. When using the Elite series coverage drops to 5 years for components, 10 years for the compressor and remains at 20 years for a heat exchanger. Finally, the Merit series products get 5 years of coverage for both components and compressors and 20 years is provided for the heat exchanger.

Variable Heating and Cooling with Lennox

Advanced Lennox systems come with variable speed blowers and adjustable burner controls to provide different levels of heating and cooling as needed. This lets residential equipment from Lennox operate in very strict heat ranges. While equipment from other companies might vary by as much as 3 degrees above or below the thermostat setting, Lennox equipment generally stays within a single degree of the set temperature thanks to the highly flexible technology.

5 different types of lennox hvac systems.

Lennox HVAC for Commercial Needs

Lennox isn’t just a source of products for the residential world, Lennox equipment is used heavily by the commercial industry as well. The brand known for providing efficient cooling and heating for massive buildings through advanced technologies like Variable Refrigerant Flow units.

Lennox Variable Refrigerant Flow Technology

Lennox is one of the few manufacturers that offers Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Technology. This is a new way to heat large spaces that should be very appealing to business owners with big buildings to take heat. The system pipes heat through refrigerant around the office from one central unit. The refrigerant travels through narrow pipes that take up much less space than traditional ductwork does.

Lennox Efficient Operation

VRF makes it possible to heat some areas of the building more than others so smaller rooms can receive less heat than the larger ones and sections of the building that aren’t occupied can be kept at a lower temperature and save the business money. It’s simple to keep expenses down when using this technology because only the desired level of heat is delivered to each section of a building.

Cool and Heat at the Same Time

There aren’t many cooling and heating technologies that can both cool and heat a space at the same time. While that normally isn’t something a business or a homeowner would want to do, in a very large space there are times when it would be beneficial to be able to cool some rooms while heating the rest. At technical companies where a lot of hardware is relied on and a great deal of heat is generated, especially in server rooms, it may be necessary to cool them while warming other spaces of the business where employees are working.

Lennox Night Mode

Many of Lennox’s heating and cooling units for commercial use, come with an Energy-Smart Night Mode. The units will reduce their speeds at night to boost efficiency levels and save the company money over time. This is an excellent option for companies that don’t have workers there at night.

The Use of DC Motors

Lennox uses DC fan motors for all of its units. These motors are much more efficient than AC motors and help cut the total power requirements for the units to lower operating costs further.

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