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Carrier Air Conditioners

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Carrier AC Units

carrier best air conditioner brands

When looking for a quality heating and cooling brand, Carrier is known for offering top-tier heating and cooling products that are built for lasting performance. The company is known for standing behind their air conditioners, furnaces, and heat pumps and they have been in business for more than 100 years.

Carrier Air Conditioner Installers

Installing a Carrier air conditioner comes with a guarantee as all technicians that install Carrier heating and cooling units must be an authorized installer for the brand.

Air conditioning installation is no easy job, and Carrier guarantees you are getting a quality HVAC installation by requiring their HVAC contractors to become factory authorized dealers. They require anyone installing their air conditioners to complete the North American Technician Excellence certification course.

Carrier brand AC installers must go through extensive training at a Carrier manufacturing factory to learn about Carrier ac installations, HVAC maintenance, and the repair process specific to their air conditioning units

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Carrier Air Conditioner Prices

There are quite a few different air conditioning models offered by Carrier. Each one has different benefits and the price tiers are reflected in that based on the size you need and what SEER rating you are wanting for your home.

Home Square FootageCarrier AC Unit SizeAC Unit CostTotal Installation Cost
600 to 1000 sq. ft1.5 ton$1,750$4,892
1000-1300 sq. ft2 ton$1,845$5,230
130 to 1600 sq. ft2.5 ton$1,930$5,525
1600 to 1900 sq. ft3 ton$2,015$5,894
1900 to 2200 sq. ft3.5 ton$2,235$6,025
2200 to 2600 sq. ft4 ton$2,498$6,635
2601 to 3200 sq. ft5 ton$2,787$7,224

carrier AC unit brands


Carrier Infinity Series AC Unit Costs:

Carrier Infinity AC UnitsAC Unit CostTotal Installation CostEnergy EfficiencyCompressor Type 
Infinity 21 24ANB1$4125$833521 SEERTwo Stage
Infinity 19VS 24VNA9$3,376$7,87519 SEERFive Stage
Infinity 17 24ANB7 & 24ANB7**C$2,425$6,93217 SEERTwo Stage
Infinity 16 24ANB6$2,550$5,39016 SEERSingle Stage

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Carrier Comfort Series AC Unit Costs:

Carrier Comfort SeriesAC Unit CostTotal Installation CostEnergy EfficiencyCompressor Type
Comfort 16 24ABC6$1,895$5,02516 SEERSingle Stage
Comfort 15 24AAA5$1,556$4,78314 SEERSingle Stage
Comfort 13 24ABB3$1,575$4,71513 SEERSingle Stage

Carrier Performance Series AC Unit Costs:

Carrier Performance SeriesAC Unit CostTotal Installation CostEnergy EfficiencyCompressor Type
Performance 17 24ACB7$2,450$5,42217 SEERTwo Stage
Performance 16 24ACC6$2,330$5,55016 SEERSingle Stage
Performance 13 24ACB3$1,934$5,31513 SEERSingle Stage

Costs of Other Brands

Central AC Brands:Average Unit Cost:SEER Rating:
American Standard$3,65616.8

What Makes Carrier a Best HVAC Brand? 

Focus on Sustainability

Carrier HVAC focuses on reducing their environmental impact and strives to develop cleaner technologies overall. They’ve been phasing out refrigerants that deplete the ozone since 1994, and have been leading the move away from technologies that are now known to be harmful to the environment for more favorable options.

Built in Humidifiers

Carrier HVAC’s top-end products are known for coming with a built-in humidifier, something that many other brands are not equipped with. Without a built-in humidifier the air inside a home slowly loses its humidity and becomes dried out. Many homeowners decide to have a separate whole-house humidifier installed to make up for this problem, this is something that many Carrier customers don’t have to worry about.

Carrier HVAC Warranties

Carrier is known as one of the most reliable options on the market today. The systems come with comprehensive warranties that often cover 10 years of repairs after they’ve been installed. While some products require repairs or even replacements just a few years after being installed, Carrier air conditioners are known for their durability with a great warranty to match.

There are Carrier facilities all over the country, and each of them is stockpiled with key replacement parts for your central air conditioning unit, so it’s very common for Carrier repairs to be completed the same day that you call a certified Carrier technician for help.

Carrier Furnaces & Heat Pumps

Carrier offers a wide range of heating and cooling products to meet most residential and commercial needs. The company has a variety of air conditioners, heat pumps, geothermal heat pumps, split systems and gas furnaces, depending on what your needs are.


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