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Trane HVAC Units – Review

trane air conditioners

Trane HVAC is a leading company that specializes in cooling, heating and humidity. Trane offers a range of cooling and heating equipment options to customers.

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Trane Heating and Cooling

Furnaces, central AC systems, and split AC units that provide both heating and cooling are all available from Trane for either residential or commercial use.

Trane Geothermal Support

Geothermal systems are known for their efficiency and for working in colder environments than traditional heat pumps. Geothermal products are available from Trane for efficient heating needs.

Trane Ductless Systems

Ductless air conditioner installation and are generally the best choice for more efficient HVAC units compared to those that rely on ducts. A variety of mini-split ductless units are available from Trane HVAC. These units offer both cooling and heating packed into a single package, and they are rated for different sized spaces depending on need.

Trane Advanced Controls

Trane HVAC offers an advanced thermostat that can be paired with many of its products. The thermostat is digital and programmable, offering a greater level of control over the systems around your home.

Trane Remote Home Intelligence

The Nexia Home Intelligence system is an exciting offering from Trane HVAC that separates it from many competitors. The tool gives users remote access to their heating and cooling systems to keep their homes energy efficient without needing to be at home to make the changes.

Benefits of Trane Air Conditioners

Close-up image of 6 Trane hvac products.

Diverse Product Line

As a large company, Trane offers diverse option choices for homeowners and businesses. The company also has tiered price points and options for many of their products. Customers can choose a basic furnace for their home that’s relatively efficient and affordable, or they can opt for more expensive units which are feature-rich and more energy efficient.


Trane equipment is built to last, that’s why most HVAC technicians are confident putting it into a customer’s home. The equipment is highly rated by Consumer Reports as well. Trane has it’s own parts testing facility and engineers to design and build many of its own parts in house. This is a major deviation from standard HVAC company practices that all source their parts from the open pool of parts suppliers.

Trane HVAC Warranty

As long as you follow the directions and register for the warranty within 60 days of the installation you’ll get a quality warranty that will cover most issues that you encounter within the unit during the first 10 years.

Transferable Air Conditioner Warranty

Unlike many other HVAC suppliers,an active Trane warranty is transferable a subsequent homeowner or business.

Trane HVAC Installation Contractors

Trane products are known for their high level of quality, but they only function well when installed properly. So find a good technician to handle the installation. Trane offers a difficult qualification to technicians giving them the title of Trane Comfort Specialist if they go through all the requirements. When looking for a technician to put the unit in, or to make repairs on the Trane equipment in your home, look for experts with the Trane Comfort Specialist designation. They’ll offer higher quality service and will help give the equipment everything it needs to survive and to perform well after installation.

Trane’s diverse, energy efficient, and reliable line of products makes it one of the top HVAC brands, and a good choice for homeowners and businesses.

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