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American Standard Furnace Buying Guide

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American Standard Furnace Review

American Standard furnaces are considered to be one of the high tier HVAC brands at the top of the list for quality and price point. They are similar to other top furnace brands such Carrier or Trane. American Standard offers all home heating and cooling needs across the board. They are manufactured under the same furnace manufacturer as Trane, which is known for having superior quality HVAC heating units.

american standard furnace reviews

new american standard furnace and central ac system

American Standard Gas Furnace Prices

The price for a replacement American Standard gas furnace can range from $2,494 to $4,375 in total installation costs. If you wanted to install a mid tier unit such as the American Standard Silver 80H model gas furnace with an 80% AFUE rating you could expect to pay $2,524 in installation costs. Your exact furnace replacement costs will largely depend on the size furnace system needed for your home and the AFUE percentage of the replacement gas furnace. Connect with one of our natural gas furnace installers today to get a local cost estimate. See other top furnace brands and installation costs here.

American Standard Gas Furnace Costs by Model
American Standard Gas FurnacesAFUE %Installation Cost
Gold 8080%$2,494
Silver 80H80%$2,524
Platinum 8080%$2,750
Gold S9V290% to 93%$3,525
Silver 95/95H90% to 93%$3,995
Gold 95V/9592% to 95%$4,125
Platinum 9595%$4,375

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What Furnace Model is Best for Your Climate?

If you are trying to decide what AFUE rating  you need your new furnace to be, the first thing you will want to figure out is what is the most cost effective heating unit for your home’s size and climate. A replacement gas furnace needs to be able to handle the heating needs of your local climate based off of average temperatures during the colder months. We have separated each region of all 50 U.S. states below into a climate map to help give you an idea of what will be the best for option you.

  • Zone 1, 2, 3: – 80% AFUE
  • Zone 4: – 90% to 93% AFUE
  • Zone 5: – 93% to 95% + AFUE


furnace installation heat map for climate

If you need a new American Standard furnace installed in North Dakota or anywhere in Zone 5 where the weather can get into really low winter temperatures for a 2,000 square foot home, you will want to install an American Standard Platinum 95 with 95% AFUE which will price out to around $4,375 in total installation costs for the unit as well as labor.

 If you are planning to replace your American Standard central ac unit and home furnace at the same time, it is often more cost effective.It is always smart to get price quotes from at least four local licensed HVAC contractors before starting your project in order to get the best price. Let Modernize help you do that in a few easy steps.

American Standard Furnace Warranties

As long as you follow the directions and register for your American Standard furnace warranty within 60 days of the installation you will get a competitive warranty for your HVAC unit that will cover most issues depending on the warranty that is associated with your particular American Standard AC unit. Here are some common things that are covered under your warranty:

  • Air conditioners compressor, outdoor coil, internal functional parts
  • Heat pumps compressor, outdoor coil, internal functional parts
  • Furnaces heat exchanger, internal functional parts

American Standard Furnace Installers Near You

American Standard is a sister company to Trane and therefore they offer a comparable level of quality in their furnace heating units. A new home furnace is only a good investment if it is installed properly and functions well with the rest of your home. Local AC contractors can become qualified technicians under the Trane brand name through a certification test that Trane offers. If they are a Trane certified HVAC technician, they will be very familiar with any American Standard furnace installations as well.