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Rheem Furnace Buying Guide

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Rheem Furnace Brand Review

Rheem furnaces have been around since the late 1930’s and are credited with producing the first home heating and cooling system. Rheem offers modern furnace units that are known for being of high quality. There are plenty of reasons Rheem is one of our top ten furnace brands If you are planning to install a new Rheem furnace in your home, it may be a good time to see if you should be replacing your current AC unit with a Rheem central air conditioner at the same time. It can sometimes be more cost effective to replace your HVAC systems at the same time.

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Rheem Furnace Costs to Install

Rheem offers three classes of gas furnace prices in their Classic, Classic Plus, and Prestige series which offer different features and price points. The average cost to install a new Rheem gas furnace can range from $2,480 to $3,678 depending on the model you choose to install and the AFUE level. If you were to install the mid tier Rheem Classic Plus R92T with a 92% AFUE rating you could expect to pay $1,245 for the unit alone and $2,889 in total installation costs.  See our chart below for prices on other popular Rheem furnace models:

Rheem Gas Furnace Prices by Model
Rheem Gas Furnace Model
Unit Only PriceInstallation CostsAFUE %
Classic R801P$825$2,480 80%
Classic Plus R801T$842$2,509 80%
Classic Plus R802P$845$2,550 80%
Classic R92P$1,192 $2,890 92%
Classsic Plus R92T$1,245 $2,889 92%
Classic R95P$1,308 $3,206 95%
Classic Plus R95T$1,325 $3,280 95%
Classic Plus R96T$1,425 $3,345 96%
Classic Plus R96P$1,488 $3,297 96%
Prestige R802V$1,582 $3,520 80%
Prestige R96V$1,602 $3,678 96%

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Which Rheem Furnace Model is Most Cost Effective for Your Climate?

When deciding on a furnace installation unit that will best suit your home, you will need to take into consideration your location and home size. This will allow you to know what kind of BTU levels you will need and also which AFUE rating will be best for your home. We have separated each region of all 50 U.S. states below into a climate map to help give you an idea of which Rheem model furnace will be the best for you.


  • Zone 1, 2, 3: – 80% AFUE
  • Zone 4: – 90% to 93% AFUE
  • Zone 5: – 93% to 95% + AFUE

furnace installation heat map for climate

If you are installing a new Rheem furnace in a Zone 3 climate state such as Kansas where the winter weather can be moderate for a 2,000 square foot home, you would want to think about installing a Rheem Classic R92P with a 92% AFUE. New gas furnace installation cost would price out to be around $1,192 for the furnace alone and with labor and installation costs would be around $2,890 in total. If you also need to install a new central air conditioner, you may want to use our local HVAC installation costs calculator.

Rheem Gas Furnace Warranty

Rheem offers a great standard warranty for their gas furnaces which you will want to take advantage of registering for.

  • For any 80% AFUE level Rheem furnace you can register for a 10 year conditional parts warranty and some models will also come with a lifetime heat exchanger warranty as well.
  • For any of their high energy efficiency models with a 95% AFUE level or higher they offer a 10 year parts warranty with limited lifetime warranty on the primary and secondary heat exchangers

Rheem Thermostats and Controllers

Rheem offers a line of furnace thermostats and controllers for enhanced capability to cool and heat your home at all times in the most energy efficient manner. All the thermostats are digital and offer scheduling features for improved efficiency and more control over temperatures throughout the day. The EcoNet Control Center product from Rheem connects all your heating and cooling units to one central system, and offers an impressive level of remote control over supported products.

Rheem Energy Star Support

Rheem offers a variety of Energy Star approved equipment guaranteed to offer highly efficient performance. It has condensing units, gas and electric heating and cooling units, gas furnaces and heat pumps that are all rated as Energy Star efficient.

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There may be government and local tax credits available for Energy Star rated gas furnaces, so check around to see what incentives are available for HVAC installation in your area before buying, you could save a bit of money just by doing a simple search.