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Why You Should Add Solar Power to Your Home Before Winter

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Why You Should Add Solar Power to Your Home before Winter

No doubt about it, installing solar power is the best thing you can do for your home. Solar panels present an affordable way to capture the sun’s energy and generate electricity at home. They can create energy for more than 30 years, and most come with 25-year warranties. How many products can you purchase with 25-year warranties? Not many. This just goes to show that solar panels are made to last. If you’re planning to add solar power to your home, do it before winter. Here are some reasons why.

Your Home Needs Stored Energy During the Winter

Solar panels should be installed during the warm seasons, especially in the south and west regions of the US. In winter, the sun isn’t as productive and your solar system may not create enough energy to meet your household demand. As a result, backup storage is needed. Without backup power systems, giant batteries, or other energy-storage systems, solar power can change erratically with each passing cloud, seasonal ebbs and flows, and the sun’s rise and fall.

Solar power winter home

Prep your solar home before the winter comes

Image via: Solar Energy Systems LLC

With enough storage, solar energy can power a neighborhood, a state, and even a country. There are many ways of storing solar energy, including collecting it in batteries and converting it into hydrogen. Some solar power plants turn sunlight into heat and store it for cloudy days. Storing heat is easier than storing electricity. Some companies store extra energy in molten salt because it has the ability to absorb very high temperatures without altering its state. When enlisting the services of solar energy experts, be sure to ask about the best solar storage solution for your needs.

The Sun is Most Productive During the Warmer Months

While you can add solar power any time of year, it is advisable to carry out the project in the warmer months. Some homeowners install solar panels in spring because it’s less busy than summer and they can maximize the sunniest days of both spring and summer. Unfortunately, some people forget how sunny summers are until they roll around. Hot summers are perfect for solar energy production. In order to make the most of the sun, your solar system must be installed prior to summer to ensure it’s ready to power your home and store the extra energy.

Solar energy in summer

Install a solar system in spring to optimize the sunny days of summer

Image via: The Richest

It is sensible to install solar panels during spring because you won’t sacrifice your best solar production days. Your system will produce energy despite spring showers because it is designed to generate electricity all year round. While more energy is produced in summer than in winter, solar energy is created even on gray, overcast days. The solar panels produce electricity from UV rays that appear through the clouds.

Most power companies honor a strategy called “net metering.” This is an agreement with your local power company that allows you to set your meter forward or backward. If your system generates more electricity than your home needs, you bank the credits and use them later in the year.

Installation Is Easier in Spring

It is very hard to install solar panels during winter because your roof is filled with snow. During spring, many homeowners carry out spring cleaning and repair or complete a roof replacement project. This is the ideal time to install solar panels, as their warranty timespans are similar to those of new roofs. You will never have to worry about your panels outliving your roof. Optimize the longer, sunnier days of spring and have your solar system installed. You’ll be fully prepared for the lengthy days of summer.

Solar Power Increases the Value of Your Home When Selling

It is no secret that most home buyers do their buying in spring and summer. Solar panels will augment the value of your home and make it more appealing to prospective buyers. Any home buyer will be delighted at the prospect of owning a home with low energy costs. Solar has a high return on interest and can help you to get a higher asking price when you decide to sell your home. For example, if your home is worth $500,000, an average-sized solar power installation can add $20,000 or more to its value. This amount surpasses the average cost of most home solar installations. You get 100% of your money back when you sell your home, which is a higher percentage than that of the most popular home remodel, a kitchen upgrade, which has a 80% return on interest.

Solar power adds value.jpg

A solar-powered home is a magnet for home buyers

Image via: Invisible Sun Energy

About a decade ago, solar-powered homes were rare to find. They were only owned by the affluent or the most environmentally-conscious homeowner. Thanks to local and federal tax incentives and escalating worries about climate change, they have become commonplace in all neighborhoods. When you add solar power, you drastically lessen your home’s carbon footprint. The great thing about solar panels is that they create a win-win situation: they alleviate Mother Earth’s stress and minimize your utility bills.

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