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HVAC Resources

Everything you need to know to complete your HVAC home improvement project.

research and planning
Gas-Powered vs. Electric Furnaces
As homeowners become increasingly conscientious about making their houses more eco- friendly, electric furnaces are starting to gain…
Understanding Furnace AFUE Ratings
High energy and utility bills can be tough to stomach. Energy bills typically soar in summer, but homeowners in cold climates can attest…
research and planning
Air Conditioning Options For Homes With No Ductwork
Many people never really think about their home’s HVAC system ductwork. Maybe they live in a newer home, where HVAC ductwork was…
maintenance and care
Heat Pump Maintenance Tips for Homeowners
As temperatures drop throughout most of the country, a working heat pump is going to be more important than ever for homeowners. According…
research and planning
What is the Best Heating System for Your Home’s Climate and Region?
Everyone has their own version of what cold is. Someone in Chicago might be rocking shorts in 60 degree weather, while a Floridian is…
research and planning
Heat Pumps vs. Furnaces: Which is Best for Your Home?
How do you stay warm in your home? When it comes to home heating systems, homeowners often have to choose between heat pumps vs. furnaces.…
research and planning
Tips for First-Time Homeowners: Heating and Air Conditioning
Congratulations! If you’re reading this, it means you have purchased or are close to purchasing your first home — a significant…
COVID-19’s Impact on HVAC Parts Shortage in 2021
As time goes on, we are all learning just how many aspects of life have been affected by the parts shortages and supply chain issues…