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HVAC Resources

Everything you need to know to complete your HVAC home improvement project.

maintenance and care
How to Repair a Furnace Flue
If you notice your home is not heating properly, or your heating bill has recently increased, you may need to examine your furnace and…
maintenance and care
How to Change the Oil Filter on Your Home Furnace
When it comes to heating repairs, some jobs are definitely better left to the pros. Is your HVAC unit smoking? It’s probably best…
maintenance and care
How to Replace a Baseboard Heater Cover
Positioned low to the ground, baseboard heaters see a lot of wear and tear. A home’s everyday traffic can cause dents or scratches—but…
maintenance and care
Heater Covers: What You Need to Know
As much as we love heating equipment here at Modernize, we also understand that it isn’t usually the most attractive thing in a home.…
research and planning
What Is An Eco Heater?
Sometimes insulation and air sealing just aren’t enough to prevent temperature fluctuations in your home. Maybe you have an older house,…
maintenance and care
Does My HVAC Need a Screen or Cover?
How often do you think about your HVAC system? If it’s working well, the answer is probably “rarely”—aside from the…
maintenance and care
Easy Ways to Hide Your HVAC Unit and Increase Curb Appeal
During the brutal winters and scorching summers, you may find that your reliable HVAC system becomes your favorite feature of your home.…
maintenance and care
Filters 101: HVAC Filtration Options
Many homeowners visit their local home improvement center to purchase a new HVAC filter and find a massive wall of filters in various…