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Easy Ways to Hide Your HVAC Unit and Increase Curb Appeal


During the brutal winters and scorching summers, you may find that your reliable HVAC system becomes your favorite feature of your home. That doesn’t mean that you love how it looks, though—in fact, it’s often quite an eyesore. If it’s not located behind your home, there are some easy ways you can hide your HVAC unit from plain sight and increase your curb appeal.

Before we get started with that, however, there are two very important points to remember. The first is that you must leave space for your HVAC system to work. Don’t put anything on top of your unit, because it will block your air flow! Second, make sure your HVAC unit is in an easily accessible location should it need to be worked on—and it will be at some point(s) of its lifetime.

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Creative Ways to Hide Your HVAC Unit

Situate tall shutters around your HVAC unit, similar to a room divider or a privacy screen. Paint the shutters a complementary color to your home, so it doesn’t draw negative attention to something that you’re trying to hide. The shutters will add some country charm to your home, which may be just right for your home’s aesthetic.

Build a fence around your HVAC unit, making sure to keep the air flowing around it. Depending on your HVAC’s location, you may only need to build a fence on two sides of the unit. Consider building the fence using vertical planks of wood or installing them horizontally, depending on what looks best with your home and landscaping. Another option is to use HardiePlank for a long lasting fence—however, the cost may outweigh the benefits here.

Sheet metal with simple designs cut out make for unique ways to hide your HVAC unit. Depending on the metal you choose, it may oxidize over time, resulting in an interesting finish. This option works very well with contemporary homes.

Easy Ways to Hide Your HVAC Unit Using Landscaping

Plant shrubbery around your HVAC unit. This option will require maintenance and some patience, but will be rewarding to have a living HVAC cover.  You can start with very young shrubs so you can train them for optimal HVAC hiding, or transplant more mature shrubs and prune them as needed. Opt for greenery that is native to your area—you can probably find options to attract pollinators like bees and butterflies.


Tall plants in front of your HVAC system will increase curb appeal and clean the air. You can place planters with tall greenery like mini-palm trees in front of your system, or even use tall planters as a sort of fence. Clumping bamboo is a fantastic option because it is hardy and will cover your HVAC unit easily. However, the key is to make sure you opt for the clumping variety of bamboo, otherwise it will spread like wildfire.

If you are wanting to replace your HVAC system entirely, you can use our best HVAC services near me page to help you find reliable contractors to install your new HVAC unit in a covered area where it will be less visible.

Green Ways to Hide Your HVAC Unit

No one said you can’t have a functional fence to hide your HVAC unit. A vertical garden is a fairly simple project to take on one weekend day and will provide curb appeal—and maybe some food for your dinner table. Install a fence along the sides of your HVAC unit that you’re trying to hide—leaving room for air-flow—and then build some boxes to hold your vegetables or flowers. If you want a lower-maintenance option, you can plant succulents or cacti along the fence. There is a wide variety of colors and textures for you to choose for this project.


Installing a lattice around your HVAC unit helps disguise it and allows for plenty of air flow. You can paint the lattice a complementary color to your home—or even the same color to truly blend in with its surroundings. Similarly, a trellis—with or without a climbing vine—is a great option to hide your HVAC unit. If you’re unsure of your ability to nurture your climbing vine until it takes root, ask your local gardening shop for ways to ensure the vine’s survival—and your happiness.

Of course, going with a “living” fence can mean that it’s only green during part of the year. There are evergreen options though, so consult your favorite nursery for local plants that won’t drop their leaves. You can also incorporate a combination of any of these options for a year-round solution to hiding your HVAC system and adding some visual interest to your yard.

Taking the initiative to hide your HVAC system in a thoughtful manner means you can love it even during the cooler temperatures, since it beautifies your home even more. 

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