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HVAC Resources

Everything you need to know to complete your HVAC home improvement project.

cost and budgeting
Calculating the Return on Your Air Conditioning Investment
One of the most stressful situations a homeowner faces is when an air conditioner or heater stops working unexpectedly. Not only is it…
contractor selection
Tips For Negotiating Cost with Air Conditioning Contractors
Installing a new air conditioning unit is a large investment for homeowners. HVAC installation costs typically range from $3,500 to $7,525,…
research and planning
How To Find A Quiet HVAC System For Your Home
Based on the location of your system, as well as its size and features, the sound of your HVAC unit can impact on your quality of life at…
research and planning
How Your Home’s Foundation Affects Heating and Cooling Costs
When most of us talk energy efficiency, we’re thinking about the things inside the home: the washer and dryer that could stand to use a…
research and planning
Return Register Installation
And Best HVAC Performance
A vent is a vent is a vent, right? If you’re like most homeowners, you probably think a lot more about the efficiency of your HVAC…
maintenance and care
How to Replace a Baseboard Heater Cover
Positioned low to the ground, baseboard heaters see a lot of wear and tear. A home’s everyday traffic can cause dents or scratches—but…
maintenance and care
Heater Covers: What You Need to Know
As much as we love heating equipment here at Modernize, we also understand that it isn’t usually the most attractive thing in a home.…
research and planning
Schematic Diagrams for HVAC Systems: What You Need to Know
If you know a little bit about home heating and cooling systems, you probably realize that they are pretty complicated little systems!…