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“I am looking for experienced HVAC contractors in my area to fix my HVAC unit”

Find Local AC Repair and HVAC Replacement Contractors 

When your heating and air conditioner unit needs to be replaced or repaired, it can become an emergency situation pretty quickly and you will want to find HVAC installation services near you as soon as you can. The main goal is to repair or replace your HVAC system as quickly as possible, but care should still be taken to find the most reliable and trustworthy HVAC contractors for your project. HVAC unit installations can become quite costly, so you need make sure you find a local HVAC installer who has expertise in the particular air conditioner unit you want to install.

At Modernize, we frequently speak to homeowners about their HVAC installation projects. In our recent interviews, 90 percent of homeowners requested a checklist to help them find and vet their air conditioner installation contractors. Use our contractor hiring guide to make sure your heating and air conditioning installation goes off seamlessly.

hvac installation near me

Local HVAC Installation Options

When you need air conditioning repair or replacement, you can usually just replace your current unit with the same HVAC system. Depending on the climate in your zip code, you can decide which type of HVAC installation you need. Some homes in areas where the winters are very cold will need a high AFUE rating furnace to heat their home and a large central air conditioner (upto 5 tons) to cool their home. In other areas with more mild climates, you may only need a heat pump to regulate your home’s temperatures or you could even use a ductless AC system instead of installing a full HVAC system.

When installing a home heater and air conditioning system (HVAC) most homeowners choose to to install a furnace and central AC unit that uses ductwork to circulate heat and cooled air. You can also use a heat pump to utilize heat outside of your home and within to control temperatures. There are also ductless air conditioners that can heat and cool a home as well.

Finding Air Conditioning Repair Near You

After you have decided what kind of heating and cooling unit you would like to install in your home, you can start searching for a reliable HVAC installer in your area. The first thing we recommend is to ask your family and friends if they have a good recommendations for a contractor in your area. You can also utilize resources like the Better Business Bureau, as well as look for reviews and ratings on HVAC installers near you.

Modernize provides homeowner reviews and ratings as well as BBB ratings, and Google ratings for all of our contractors so that you can get a feel for your contractor selection before hiring.

Central Air Conditioning Installation Costs Near You

Installing a central air conditioner in your home assuming that you have existing ductwork in place for the forced air heating and cooling system for a 2,000 square foot home would cost you anywhere from $5,000 and $9,000 in total installation costs. Central AC prices near you can increase depending on the energy efficiency of the unit being installed, the brand, and average local labor rates per hour (usually around $38 to $50 per hour).

If you do not have an existing ductwork installed in your home, or it needs to be repaired too, you will have to add this cost to your HVAC installation. As long as the project scope is the same, installation costs should be pretty similar across the board, which is why you should request multiple quotes from installers near you.

We suggest always getting HVAC installation cost estimates from at least four contractors in your area.

HVAC Replacement Cost Calculator

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Hiring a Local HVAC Installation Contractor

It is important to find a reliable heating and air conditioner contractor so that your repair or replacement can be done as quickly as possible. To determine the best professional fit for your HVAC installation project there are a few things you can do before hiring that are extremely helpful to finding the right person for the job.

  • Request quotes from three to four local HVAC contractors.
  • Check out the websites for each HVAC installation contractor.
    • Is it updated and professional looking?
  • Check the HVAC contractors social media pages.
    • Many customers will leave valuable feedback on social media pages of businesses, whether it’s positive or constructive.
  • Explore the customer reviews for each contractor.
    • Are they mostly positive? Consider negative reviews and responses. How did the contractors respond to criticism?
  • Ask each HVAC contractor on the phone the following questions:
    • How long have you been in business?
    • How much experience do you have with HVAC repair or installation of my particular HVAC type?
    • What is your project cost estimate for installing my new HVAC unit?
    • Can you provide a list of references?
    • Can you provide proof of insurance for personal liability, worker’s compensation, and property damage coverage?

Your next step will be to meet in-person with your choice of the best contractors to review the specific details and expectations of your HVAC installation project. Be sure to discuss the following with each contractor:

  • Ask for proof of insurance, which should provide their insurance company name, policy number, and policy limits.
  • Discuss who will manage warranty details and responsibility.
  • Make sure to get a fixed price before signing a contract.

Use our homeowner checklist when meeting with each contractor to make sure your HVAC installation is going as smoothly as possible.


Things to Avoid When Hiring an AC Installer

Unfortunately, there is a small chance where you may encounter an inexperienced or dishonest HVAC contractor. The best way to avoid scams is to choose a local, trusted contractor. You can confirm this by checking their physical business address and making sure to fully validate all of their licenses.

Here are some additional warning signs to keep in mind:

  • Avoid contractors who request the entire project cost, or large cash deposit, up front.
  • Avoid anyone who pressures you to sign a contract for your HVAC project immediately.
  • Be wary of any outliers in your quotes. All estimates should be relatively similar unless the unit type is significantly different for each quote.

HVAC Installation Checklist

At the final meeting, there a few steps to go over before the HVAC contractor begins your AC unit installation project:

  • Reconfirm your initial quote.
  • Agree upon a payment plan.
  • Make sure to have in-hand:
    • Your contract
    • Project plans
    • Order changes
    • Bills and invoices
    • Proof of your contractor’s insurance and/or permitting, and
    • Contractor correspondence