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Bathroom Resources

Everything you need to know to complete your Bathroom home improvement project.

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Small Bathroom Layout Ideas
If you’re annoyed with your small bathroom layout, this article is for you. We will review small bathroom layout ideas and the general…
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Walk-in Shower Ideas for Small Bathrooms
When you look at your small bathroom, do you feel like you’re walking into a spa or an out-of-date mess?  Whether you’re looking to…
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Designing a Bathroom for a Couple
We’ve all been there before — waiting our turn at the bathroom door for our partner to finish their morning routine, or tripping over…
How to Remodel a Small Bathroom on a Budget
When you have a tiny bathroom, the bad news is… well, it’s tiny. But the good news is that a small bathroom remodel on a budget is…
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How to Design a Custom Shower
Building a custom shower can make your spa dreams come true. Imagine stepping into an oasis that was actually built just for you and…
How to Install a Bathroom Vanity
Bathroom renovations continue to top the list of popular home improvements, but what if you don’t want to invest the time or money on a…
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Best Bathroom Paint Colors
The fastest way to take your bathroom from drab to fabulous is a good coat of paint. We’ll go over different color inspirations from…
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Pros and Cons of Low-Flow Showerheads
A hot shower is one of life’s best small pleasures. But when you get your water bill each month, you might be wondering if you need to…