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Foundation Finance

We pride ourselves on making out partnership easy for both you and your customers. There’s a variety of financing promotions and payment plans for every qualified customer. Submitting an application is simple. Once approved, you’re able to generate your customer’s loan documents online. The documents are signed electronically by both you and the customer. Complete the project for your customer and have them sign the completion form. We’ll do the rest! We contact your customer to verify their information and the loan terms. You’re funded via ACH upon completion of the call with the customer. It’s that simple! Whether you already offer financing or need to start, FFC is your partner in building your bottom line.

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About Modernize

Modernize is the leader in residential lead generation, focused on four energy-efficient trades: HVAC, Roofing, Solar, and Windows. Over the past 15 years, we’ve built a network of the most professional, trustworthy contractors across the country. We only recommend those who will see a project through to its finish, and who want things built just as well as you do. With access to 150,000+ homeowner requests each month, dedicated account managers, and custom delivery, Modernize is your marketing partner in growing your home improvement business.