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Our mission is to provide and install superior vinyl replacement windows, roofing, siding and doors. We are dedicated to completing every job exactly as promised and providing our customers with the most gratifying experience possible. With decades of experience in the home improvement industry, we stand firmly behind our unmatched craftsmanship and attention to detail.

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Homeowner Reviews for Green Star Exteriors, LLC

38 reviews
Review by ill H
November 14, 2020
Bottom line up front, I highly recommend Green Star Exteriors if you need a roof replacement. This was an extremely positive experience for me. It started with an initial visit with Rocky who presented their product, explained the roofing system that they would install, and provided me with what I think was a pretty reasonable price. Next I was contacted with their financial guy five days later who was professional and efficient, followed by a site visit by Chris to verify and finalize details to complete the job. Very shortly thereafter I received a call from a scheduler who was able to get my roof on the calendar really early due to a cancellation. The time from my initial visit with Rocky to the final walkthrough inspection with Chris was TWO WEEKS!!

The crew of installers was excellent. They completed the job in one day, and cleaned up incredibly well. I expected damage to shrubbery and some debris left around the house, but these guys were really great. There was some extremely minor damage to a few small plants, but the yard around the house actually looks better now that before they arrived!!

Finally, the new roof looks great. Coupled with a 50 year warranty, this couldn't have been a better choice. I'll never have to worry about the roof again in my lifetime.
Review by lps L
November 12, 2020
Our windows are drafty and some wouldn't open. Plus most of them didn't lock properly. My husband and I were discussing replacing our windows, but honestly it slipped both of our minds until we had to close or open our windows. I personally didn't like our windows. I hated that, in the winter, we would be cold. And, in the summer, the house was never comfortable. So, when one of the representatives came to our door, we thought why not. Tim came to our house; at a convenient time for both my husband and me (which isn't easy because we work separate shifts). He wore a mask the whole time (due to Covid). He was very kind, funny, professional. He even offered to take his shoes off when he entered our house. He spent about two and a half hours talking about our windows. He gave us competors prices; showed us several window options and walked us through what would happen the day of installment. We are very pleased with the time he took with us; never pressuring us to make a decision. My husband and I are very pleased with what we chose and are looking forward to having new windows. Who knew windows could be so exciting
Review by Kristina H
November 6, 2020
I first want to say how comfortable Sam made us feel. There was no pressure, no hidden sales tactics, no shadiness, and no lack of information that was delivered. He actually made this experience quite pleasant and informative, also entertaining. He brought demo pieces with him and explained everything about the window process to materials with us. It was pretty cool. Even my kids and dog enjoyed him. These awesome windows have a safety feature that prevents the window from opening too much due to its balancing system that allows those with weak muscles/joints to easily open it. The quality of the windows are very sturdy, yet light and looks really sharp. I'm excited for them to be installed.
Review by Tracy E
October 23, 2020
Very nice Representatives and professional company. Very easy to work with with easy payment options
Review by Daniel
October 7, 2020
Door to door salesman randomly showed up to my house (during COVID-19). No thanks! Turned him away 3x politely by saying we weren't interested. He would not stop and went on to insult my house as a last ditch sales pitch. Trashy way to represent a company!
Review by Hector D
August 7, 2020
We had work done in February 2020 just before the virus hit. This review is long overdue!! The staff are extremely friendly, they worked with my budget and offered great financing for my new GIF roof, gutters, and shutters!! The lifetime warranty is the best part and is also transferable if you sell your home!!
Review by Jennifer K
July 22, 2020
This is our second time using Greenstar for window/door replacements. This comment is just for the sales associate, Garvin S. as our items are still in the process of being ordered/slated for install. He was awesome and deserves a loud shout out. He was professional, kind, honest and fun. He didnt pressure us into a decision and offered his honest opinion and recommendation, I appreciated that! We ended up choosing a beautiful picture window for our kitchen and a new slider for the porch. If we decide on additional replacements in the future (im sure we will), i would request that Garvin come back out and be our sales associate again!
Review by Anonymous
June 28, 2020
I have waited to write this review until our insurance claim against Green Star Exteriors was complete. We hired Green Star Exteriors to replace our windows approx. 2 years ago. I have two major complaints. While removing the old windows in the middle of winter the contractors did not take the time to properly prepare them for removal. Therefore, a couple of the windows shattered leaving glass in those rooms and on my property below those specific windows. We did complain about this since we have children and a dog that go in the backyard to play. They did attempt to make the situation better by sending the crew back out to remove the glass. Unfortunately, we continued to find glass well after it was all "removed". My second MAJOR complaint was a very unfortunate accident on their behalf, that the company would not take responsibility for. While replacing the kitchen window the contractor either hit or put their ladder down on our hose bib. The force/pressure busted the pipe(was not discovered for about a hour) just inside the wall and in turn our basement flooded. It was a nightmare. Water remediation, drywall removed, carpet, carpet padding, etc. Then to make matters worse they would not take responsibility and our insurance company had to go after them. Finally the case has been settled in our favor and we were able to get our deductible back. I rated the value for money 0 .5 so the review would have as few stars as possible. However, the windows were good quality for a good price. Our situation may be rare, hopefully it is. However, we would never be able to recommend them based on our experience.
Review by David S
March 31, 2020
Had them replace 17 windows in my house after I purchased it because the home had original single pane windows from when the house was built in 1930. The windows they installed have been fantastic and I have seen huge returns on lowering my heating and A/C bill. I was very impressed that they were able to replace all of the windows in just one day and the work was done to standard. I have many members of my family who are home builders and they were very impressed with the work Green Star completed.
Review by Anonymous
March 18, 2020
All aspects of this company were outstanding. From the initial contact to the final cleanup, I felt like I was dealing with real professionals. The installation was done quickly but expertly. The roof looks wonderful
My property looks immaculate. You wouldn't know that the lawn had been covered with old shingles. This is a great example of money well spent. And my new roof has a 50 year guarantee. Don't get a new roof without letting Green Star give you a bid.
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