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Review by Daniel G.
October 22, 2020
They are difficult to contact and when I do, they do not return calls as promised. Scheduling is confused and they do not know if the workers are even on site. After scheduling for the next week, they called the afternoon that it would be the next morning, so I had to drop everything to prepare - and then they arrived in the afternoon.
Rep was competent and helpful, but main office is not.
Actual workmen are efficient, but they are all sub-contractors; so, I wouldn't know if my next experience would be the same if they have no company employees, guidelines or controls.
Price was reasonable.
The job will, hopefully, be done today after 3 days of waiting to see when they would be here (never at 9am or " within the hour" as promised or but 1pm and 5pm and then worked until late), while I cancelled appointments and could not get my own work or errands done. I have tried to be accommodating, but I only have so much patience and tolerance and it is not the worker's fault. Glad it will hopefully be over soon.
Review by Mike I.
March 25, 2021
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