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At South Texas Solar Systems Inc., we design, manage, and install renewable energy creating technologies and generators for residential and commercial use.




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Homeowner Reviews for South Texas Solar Systems

11 reviews
Review by Bessie R.
February 5, 2021
Review by jd D
December 20, 2019
I am a new customer and have been thinking of getting solar panels for awhile. So far the sales team has been very knowledgeable and has answered evey question that i have had. I have gotten a complete break down of how it all works and at this point i couldn't be happier with my decision.
Review by Rocky G
December 16, 2019
Overall experience with South Texas Solar Systems has been great. They drove over two hours to my place of residence to meet up with us go over everything with me. Any questions or concerns I had were answered right away. I felt really comfortable with the way things were handled. I highly recommend this company if you plan on installing solar panels.
Review by Dale E
July 10, 2019
We signed up at the end of 2018...a busy time as everyone wanted a tax break. They got off to slow start installing in January 2019. First day a
few day the entire system. As an Electrical Engineer, I was observing every point of the installation. Very professional JOB! There Master Electrician made several trip after reviewing the installation photos. Mainly issues with decals. The system is working at or above my expectations, generating more power than it was rated at one point. The system is saving us money in two ways. We are making more power than we are using even with a 5 ton AC. Second, is a real added benefit. By covering up nearly all of my south facing roof, we have essentially shaded the hottest part of our roof. With the ac set at 76 daytime and 71 nighttime, it is late afternoon before the AC cycles. We have had no issues with this Company, but I got the impression they would work with me to resolve any issue.
Review by andon S
July 9, 2019
Cannot possibly recommend at all. First installation was sketchy, the site lead was really nothing and asked us if all the panels were going to fit. They promised me 3 months of payments but then told me after the installation that it was "just an advertisement thing". (edit: after much fighting and follow-up phone calls and emails, they did send me the check for the 3 months at the "promotion" rate). I'll be posting a larger review on Yelp. I think my system now is good. They did hire an "independent inspector" after I insisted. And they did allow me to change the contract after some of these issues to get a smaller system. After all the selling they did and homework I did, you'd think they would have taken it a lot more seriously. I'm giving 2 stars because as far as door-to-door solar panel companies go, I'm sure they're far from the worst. Their owner is a nice, professional guy. Their salesman John Garza has been the only unquestionable resource in this whole mess-- I'd recommend him any day. Disappointing to be posting this review. I'll do more work next time to make sure I'm not in this position again.
Review by Valerie R
July 9, 2019
The installation process was fairly smooth. There were a few times that I had to call to get status updates on the next steps. The reason I didn't give 5 stars is because I still have not received my refund. It's been 5 months since my panels were installed. I have emailed several times & still have no update as to when I will receive it.
Review by Martha J
July 9, 2019
Best investment I have done! I was paying $500 in electrical in the summer, and now my bill is around $50 and negative in the winter!!! just awesome!!! When comparing providers I found STSS installs better equipment, which will make a big difference over the years.
Review by Alan M
July 9, 2019
Great company. Quick quote, showed up on time, did the installation work quickly and well, scheduled all permits & inspections, commissioned the system. I got five quotes for this work and they were by far the best for price and service. I visited their facility here in San Antonio, met most of their employees and was so impressed I signed the contract that day!

They estimated the required system size well. For the first month of service we produced 3KWh more solar energy than we consumed. We are net-zero and hoping to be that way most months.

At my request, they installed a Solar Edge inverter with and integrated electric vehicle charger. This allows me to charge my EV directly from solar power (or from the grid if cloudy or night). This was the first in San Antonio and a learning experience for all concerned!

I have recommended them to all my friends considering solar. Thanks!
Review by Diana Huizar B.
April 24, 2020
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Review by Lawrence L.
April 18, 2020
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