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Florida homeowners Barbara and Sony knew their bathroom needed a major remodel. Together with Renuity, one of Modernize’s premier partners, they took their space from outdated and non-functional to a modern oasis. Watch their remodeling journey on Designing Spaces, and check out the before and after pictures along with all the project details below.

The Homeowners

When Barbara and Sony first toured their home in Florida, they knew it needed work. But they couldn’t pass up the perfect location and amazing backyard with a pool. Far from intimidated, they saw the home’s potential, and real estate investor Sony knew they could add value to the house through renovations.

The Partnership

Though they spoke with several bathroom remodeling contractors, they found their perfect fit in Ryan from Renuity, one of Modernize’s premier partners. He drew out their vision, walked them through the process, and then brought everything to life. “People are beside themselves at the transformation,” Barbara said. And we bet you will be, too.

Barbara and Sony's
Remodeling Experience

When Barbara and Sony bought their home in Florida, they knew it needed work. But they loved the neighborhood, the backyard and pool, and it had the right number of bedrooms. They’d seen lots of other houses in the area and knew right when they walked in the front door that this was their home. The improvements needed did not intimidate them. As the homeowners put it, it was a “small tradeoff to be in the location we really wanted.”

After they had moved in, one room in particular was not working for them: their primary bathroom. The bathroom was outdated, with small white tiles, one long vanity, and a small shower stall next to a tub they never used. The shower was also not tall enough for Sony. Hitting his head getting in and out was not quite the relaxing bathing experience he wanted. The whole thing needed to be re-thought and remodeled to better fit Barbara and Sony’s everyday needs.

Barbara and Sony had multiple bathroom contractors out to look at the space, and immediately clicked with Ryan from Renuity. Just like they knew their house was The One the moment they walked in, they knew Renuity was the right partner to bring their project to life. “It’s like he was inside of our head,” Barbara said after speaking with Ryan during that first appointment. “He knew exactly what we wanted.”

Sony said that though they had discussed the remodeling plan with other contractors, Renuity ultimately gave them “the feeling we would get what we wanted.” Ryan was able to draw their vision out for them, and then make it a reality.

Gregg Hicks, Vice-President at Modernize, added to that advice by laying out some warning signs that a contractor is not a good fit for your project. If they ask for the entire cost of the project upfront, put excessive pressure on you to sign the contract right away, or include cost information in the contract that is significantly higher or lower from other quotes you’ve received, you should think twice about working with them.

Renuity is one of Modernize’s premier partners. When you start a project with Modernize, our goal is to match you to multiple contractors. In our 17 years of experience successfully pairing homeowners with home improvement professionals, we know that comparing quotes from three to four contractors not only helps you to negotiate the best price, but it also gives you every chance to find the contractor who is the best fit for your specific needs. Reach out to us today to have us do that legwork for you, so you can get back to focusing on the project itself, not on how you’ll find the right professional to do it.

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