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Choosing Front Door Paint Colors

Gone are the days of your front door simply fading into the façade of your home. Instead, homeowners are using this tiny bit of real estate to freshen up their homes by simply changing up the color of their doors. Here’s how to choose from the many front door colors out there.

Yellow front door

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Check With Your HOA

First things first: If you live in a neighborhood with a homeowners association (HOA), you may be restricted to a selection of colors to paint your front door. Even if it’s a neutral hue, it’s better to ask ahead of time rather than get slapped with a fine after the fact (and then having to paint your door yet again). Even if they let it slide, you don’t want them to bring it up again later with a change of heart.

Choosing a Front Door Color Based on Your Region

Something as simple as a front door color can indicate where in the country you live. For example, in New England you’ll see lots of houses incorporating blue, slate, gray, and perhaps a pop of red into their color palette, evoking a sense of Americana. Meanwhile, in the warmer Southeast, homeowners are more adventurous with their choices, with colors like cotton candy blue, salmon pink and yellow. 

Looking around your neighborhood, you’ll probably pick up on a theme of color choices, including the color of the front door. See if there are color combinations that speak to you that you can replicate in your own home—or decide to go off on your own path with a color you love.

Choosing a Front Door Color Based on Your Façade

A color for a door can be great on its own, but it might not work against the exterior of your house. For example, a red door on a brick home is not going to make the same impact as it would on a white or cream house. Conversely, a black door with gold hardware will really pack a punch against stone. If you’re going to be painting the exterior of your home as well as the door, then the opportunities are limitless.

Narrowing Down Your Choices

After checking out what the neighbors have done with their front doors, perusing Pinterest, and flipping through design magazines, hopefully you’ll have some inspiration to narrow down the colors you like. And they don’t have to be in the same color family, either. Now is the time to go to your favorite hardware store to pick up paint swatches—or if you’re ready for it, ask for paint samples of a few colors. 

Armed with your options, tape the swatches to the front door or brush some paint onto it. Allow it to dry and give yourself a chance to see what the colors look like during the day and night. Colors might look different once they’re dry, and they can also change with the lighting. You might decide you don’t like it—or that you love it even more! 

Once you’ve chosen your color, you’ll need at least 1 quart of paint for a single door. Don’t throw out the paint sample, either—it’ll be handy if you ever need a touchup. 

How to Paint Your Front Door

Applying paint to the front door won’t take long at all, but there are a few things to consider. You can choose to either paint the door while it’s still hanging from the hinges, or remove it entirely for the paint job. Either way, make sure that you prime the door before applying your paint color. The paint you purchase must be exterior paint so it will withstand the heat, cold, rain, snow, and other weather changes. There are also all-in-one paints that have primer included to move the project along faster.

Laying down painter’s tape will ensure that you get nice, crisp lines while also preventing paint from getting on glass, hardware, and other decorative elements. While the paint is drying, make sure family and pets don’t mess with the door to avoid fingerprints and smudging. Once the door is dry to the touch—the amount of time it will take to dry will depend on the weather—you can admire your handiwork!  

When You Need More Than Paint

An older, outdated door might need more than just a coat of paint to save it, and that’s where a professional contractor can step in. They can restore the wood, mend cracks, prime and paint, or help you pick a brand new door for your home. Modernize can help you find an experienced contractor in your area to take on this project.

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