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Home Improvements for Kitchen Accessibility

As more homeowners think about where they want to live out their golden years, many are deciding on aging and place and considering home accessibility modifications, such as building accessible kitchens. In fact, a recent Modernize study showed that more than half of homeowners surveyed planned to explore home accessibility improvements within the next year. 

Aging in place has become a serious consideration for those who do not want to leave somewhere they have come to love and know over time. It is also a matter of maintaining independence. At the same time, it can mean embarking on home renovation projects to make a space safer and more accessible. Home accessibility considerations can vary from small tweaks to entire remodels.

The process of creating an accessible kitchen that accommodates your aging in place needs does not have to be daunting. It is a rewarding experience that will make your space more functional. After renovating, you or a loved one can worry less about straining to reach a pot and focus on cooking and enjoying meals. Here’s an overview of considerations to make when it comes to creating an accessible kitchen.

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Accessible Kitchen Considerations


There are so many options to think over when it comes to making a kitchen more accessible. Some are more involved renovation processes, while others can be done DIY and do not even require a contractor.

Standard enhancements when it comes to making a kitchen more accessible include:

  • Adjusting the kitchen countertop heights to be more accommodating
  • Prioritizing rounded corners over sharp edges
  • Re-configuring cabinet prep-space and appliance placement
  • Lowering cabinet heights
  • Adding pull-out shelves and drawers to make storage spaces more functional and easier to access

More Kitchen Accessibility Modifications

This matrix provides a look at some simple kitchen accessibility enhancements and their level of intensity. Basic improvements may not need a contractor’s assistance or permits, while minor and major improvements are more involved installations. 

Improvement Level of difficulty 
Upgrade countertop heights and materials Minor
Change cabinet heights  Minor
Add cabinet pull-out/pull-down storage options Basic
Upgrade the lightbulbs for a brighter option  Basic
Replace kitchen faucets with levered or motion-sensing models Basic
Reconfigure the kitchen’s layout Major 

Kitchen Accessibility Renovation: What to Anticipate

Remodeling a kitchen for home accessibility purposes can be an exciting moment toward making your aging in place goals a reality. Still, there are considerations to be made before renovations are underway.

Depending on the extent of your remodeling plans, an alternative kitchen space may be necessary or a budget to accommodate a lack of access to cooking appliances. It’s also important to understand if you will have access to water and electricity or not during kitchen remodeling and to know what the timeframe looks like.

Additionally, it’s important to consider a budget ahead of time when it comes to your kitchen remodeling projects. When estimating costs, be sure to include parts and labor as well as potential permitting expenses. 

Planning with a Qualified Contractor 

A contractor who specializes in accessible kitchen remodels will be able to help you understand what your space needs to make it efficient. In some cases, it might be simple switches for lowered counter heights or cabinetry. But in other situations, it may involve an entire re-configuration of the space. 

The importance of finding the right handicap accessible kitchen contractor cannot be understated. The end goal is a functional and safe space for your family and loved ones. These are projects that require entrusting someone familiar with kitchen accessibility appliances and features. 

Modernize can connect you with local contractors who have experience with kitchen accessibility remodeling projects. 

Let us guide you through what questions to ask and what you need to know about the process of creating an accessible kitchen. Most importantly, let us help you find the contractor who can make it all come together to create an attractive, useful, and safer kitchen.

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