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Modern Kitchen Lighting for 2022

2022 is shaping up to be the year of design surprises. Kitchen cabinets and front doors are leaning toward saturated, moody colors. Tile is getting bigger, and handcrafted tiles are seeing a spike in popularity. Modern kitchen lighting is following suit. With materials from rattan to metal and oversized silhouettes, here are some of the kitchen lighting trends we’re most excited about in 2022.  

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Add some edge to your kitchen lighting with an industrial piece to illuminate the room as you cook. This can be achieved in a number of ways to suit your style, including black metal frames, hanging lights with exposed wiring, or pendant lighting that evokes the look of street lights. If you have an existing light fixture with an open design, simply replacing the bulbs with Edison bulbs can completely transform the look.



For some, every item in the home should be functional but also double as a piece of art. This includes lighting! Hang a sculpturally inspired fixture from the ceiling that’ll have all your guests talking. With the style, there’s no limit to size, color or material, so it will easily match the existing vibe of your home for a cohesive design flow.



Rattan and seagrass are all the rage, and there’s no reason they can’t be incorporated used for kitchen lighting ideas. Trade out your light shade for a woven basket that will bring warmth and a touch of boho to the kitchen. You can choose from a number of stains from natural to dark to match your kitchen’s existing wood. The pieces also come in a number of shapes, sizes and styles of weaving to suit the size of your kitchen and the impact you’d like to achieve.



Simple but classy, a row of glass orbs will match almost any kitchen design, from coastal to modern. On the simpler end, the orb can hang from a downrod in a matching metal to the rest of your hardware, or it can be encased in a bronze band. And why just stick with traditional clear glass fixtures? For those who have a love affair with color, seek out blown glass masterpieces that match the hue and theme of your kitchen.



Whoever told you that chandeliers adorned with crystals were only for formal dining rooms and fabulous walk-in closets was wrong! Kitchens deserve some glitz and glamour, too. Go vintage with a tiered kitchen light fixture with baubles hanging from brass arms. Alternatively, lean toward modern with a spiral of crystals descending over the kitchen island.

Mid-Century Modern 


This trending style isn’t just relegated to furniture. Light fixtures in the mid-century modern era were just as much of showstoppers, tapping into the mod scene and Space Race. Bring some of that feeling into your kitchen with a bright Sputnik-style light fixture. Choose from whatever metal finish matches with the room. You can also go for a bold piece with loads of bulbs jutting out from the center. Alternatively, opt for a more demure nod to the style with a small bundle of chubby glass pieces. And no need to go full “Mad Men” in your kitchen—this fixture will stand on its own.



Romantic farmhouse chic is still a mainstay in the kitchen, with white-washed finishes, apron sinks and benches. Continue the theme with your kitchen light fixtures by opting for pieces that hone in on wood frames, forged iron, faux candlesticks and reused jars. If it looks like it’s a kitchen light fixture that’s been handed down through the generations, mission accomplished.

Recessed lighting


Whether you have a small kitchen or you adore minimalist Scandinavian design, sometimes the best kitchen lighting idea is recessed lighting. It provides the light you need without being the centerpiece of your kitchen. This is especially the case if you already have a backsplash that captures the eye or a statement piece of a hood vent. Keep it simple up top and let your cooking do the talking, instead! 

If you are looking for a professional to help make your kitchen remodel ideas a reality, Modernize can help. Our network of kitchen remodel professionals can help install new lighting in your kitchen, or any other kitchen renovations you might need.

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