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The Best Smart Home Devices for 2022

The internet-of-things has allowed homeowners to integrate a variety of smart home devices throughout their house so they can make their daily routines easier, protect their family, save energy, and more. Here are the best smart home devices to ensure living in and maintaining your house is a breeze.

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Smart Lights

smart lights

Smart lights are a good starting point for homeowners interested in leveraging smart technology in their home. The most simple of these devices allow for smartphone control of bulbs. This includes turning lights off and on, adjusting brightness, and setting different colors.

More advanced smart lighting can be set on schedules, react to motion, or use geofencing—a smart technology that leverages the GPS in your smartphone and adjusts lighting based on your location. Some smart lighting can even be set to respond to certain weather conditions or sync with entertainment devices.

Smart Home Security Systems

Smart front door

From motion-detecting sensors and smartphone-accessible camera footage to security alerts and keyless entry, smart home security systems can put your home’s safety in the palm of your hands.

One of the most common smart home security devices are video doorbells. Most of these devices detect motion, alert your smartphone when the doorbell is pressed, allow for voice interactions, and allow video clips to be saved to the cloud.

Other smart home security options include motion detectors, door and window sensors, smart locks, and interior cameras to monitor children and pets.

Smart Home Hubs

smart home hub

Perhaps the most important device in a truly connected home is the smart home hub. This device can control many—and ideally all—of your smart devices, rather than having to rely on multiple apps. 

If you plan to incorporate a network of smart devices in your home, consider installing a smart hub early on. That way, you can ensure you purchase compatible devices.

Smart TVs and Entertainment

smart TV

Smart TVs are a common feature in most households, allowing you to download apps and streaming services directly to your device. But they’re not the only smart entertainment device available. 

You can also purchase smart remotes to control devices via a smartphone or voice commands, smart projectors that can download apps and streaming services, smart audio devices and soundbars, and more.

Smart Speakers 

Amazon Echo Dot

While many smart speakers can function as a home audio system, they go far beyond entertainment. Smart speakers are voice-controlled devices that can serve as a central interaction point for several of your home’s smart features, including many of the devices included on this list.

They can also function as a virtual personal assistant by syncing with your online calendar to manage tasks, answer questions, complete online shopping, and more.

Smart Outlets

smart outlet

Even in the most advanced home, some devices might not utilize smart technology—this is where smart plugs come into play. These simple devices plug into standard electrical outlets and allow you to control nearly any object that plugs into them. 

This means a non-smart device such as a light, fan, or appliance can be controlled via a smartphone or voice operation.

Smart Appliances

smart fridge

Speaking of appliances, a home’s kitchen is a prime room to integrate smart technology. Refrigerators can track what’s inside of them. Ovens automatically adjust cook settings. Even garbage cans can scan the barcodes of thrown-away items and add them to shopping lists. The capabilities of a smart kitchen are constantly growing.

But it’s not just in your kitchen that smart appliances can come into play. Robot vacuums have become commonplace in many homes, with some models offering mop features and self-cleaning. 

While most of these devices can function independently, many of these systems are designed to integrate with each other.

Smart Monitoring 

Smart tech can be one of the best tools for homeowners to protect their investments by monitoring for needed maintenance and repairs. Many manufacturers install monitoring technology in devices that alert homeowners when issues are detected. If a refrigerator isn’t cooling or an HVAC system has an electrical malfunction, it can let you know. 

These capabilities can save you money and, more importantly, help protect your family.

Smart Smoke Detector

Smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors can provide your family with added peace of mind. These devices provide clear warnings through the device itself and via smartphones when danger is detected or batteries are low, so you don’t rely solely on beeps or chirps.

Smart detectors can often identify specific rooms where smoke or carbon dioxide is detected. Some can integrate with smart thermostats so they can shut off heating or air should an issue arise.

Smart Thermostats

smart thermostat

Smart thermostats can help you take control of your home’s cooling and heating remotely. They also provide real-time system alerts—such as frozen pipes, a leaky AC unit, and more.

At their most basic, they establish cooling and heating schedules based on when you’re home or away. More sophisticated devices can detect which rooms are used most frequently and operate based on where you are in the home rather than the thermostat’s physical location.

Smart thermostats can be operated by Wi-Fi enabled devices such as a smartphone or even via voice commands. 

Many of these smart devices are affordable and allow you to build a smart home network that fits your needs. Looking to take smart tech to the next level? You can even incorporate it into a home remodel, like through smart windows. Modernize can help you find the right contractor to make your home the smartest one on the block.

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