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Column Radiator Heating

On this page:
  • How Column Radiators Work
  • Heat Generation and Efficiency
  • Benefits of Column Radiators

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What is a Column Radiator?

Column radiators are a type of radiator designed to take heat from hot water or steam and spread that heat into the surrounding air. Air naturally moves up and away from the radiator as it is heated, and cool air takes its place creating a warming convection cycle for the room.

The Construction of Column Radiators

Column radiators are two hollow steel tubes laid horizontally with hollow columns of steel welded to both ends. Each column has hot water or steam flowing through it. By separating the radiator into many different open columns, air can pass through and receive heat more effectively.

A column radiator inside a home.

Generating More Heat

A column radiator is a more efficient heater than other radiators, because they have more surface area which allows more air flow around the columns to heat during the convection process.

Larger Footprint

While a modern column radiator takes up less space than cast iron radiators, they take up more space than panel radiators due to panel’s flat construction. They can heat larger spaces effectively, but occupy more floor space. Make sure your space is large enough to accept a column radiator before purchasing.

Higher Maintenance

A column radiator must be cleaned regularly to prevent dust and debris from insulating the system. Due to their sections, this maintenance can be time consuming.

Available in a Wide Range of Sizes

Because of the way that column radiators are constructed—columns can be added as needed- it is easy to obtain one in the size you desire.

Durable Powder Coat Finish

Column radiators usually come with a powder coat finish to resist cracking, chipping and corrosion over time. Additionally, powder coat finishes are available in a variety of colors.

Leave Plenty of Space around the Radiator

Column radiators are effective at heating a room, but only when sufficient space is left open around them. Nearby object will cut your system’s efficiency, cost you money, and may be a fire hazard.

They are durable and efficient, and do not have to be as large to heat a room. Although they require higher-than-average maintenance, column radiators are a good option overall.