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Keeping your HVAC system up to date is important to keep you comfortable in the hot summer months and the chilly winters. When deciding on a new HVAC system for your new home or to replace an existing model that has seen better days, your location is a key factor in considering your options for the best results.  Each local HVAC information guide will cover:

Your Area’s Climate: Whether you live in the hot dessert or the freezing north, your local weather will play a vital role in finding the right system.  From the amount of sunny days to how your home sits on your property within the sun and wind, each guide will cover specific areas around you to ensure you understand the elements your home will face and how to best prepare for them.

How to Pick the Best HVAC for Your Home:  Beyond weather conditions, your home’s size and existing air ducts are important to take into account when deciding on the correct HVAC for your home. You will also consider the energy rating of each system, how your home’s features such as windows rank in saving energy, and different system options. Knowing your home’s needs will help narrow down your choices.

Hiring a Contractor: Having someone with knowledge and experience to do the job right is the first step take. Your guide will detail tips to find the best contractor for your project in your area, and therefore the best outcome. When you enlist the help of a professional, you will also gain access to their expertise to ask questions and discover the most practical solutions for your home’s comfort level and budget.

Strategies and Options to Keep Your Home Comfortable: Inspecting your home’s existing ductwork, ensuring you have sealed drafty windows and doors are important once you make your HVAC decision to keep your hardworking system running smoothly without wasting energy and costing you extra money. Your guide will cover the top recommendations to make sure you know all the options to keep your heat and AC inside and money saved. It also may cover local rebate information if you meet the requirements, saving you even more money.

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