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Local Vinyl Siding Contractors in Your Area

“I see cracks and bends in my vinyl siding. I need to repair or replace it.”

Vinyl Siding Installers Near You

We have home vinyl siding installers in all 50 states and multiple cities. We help you compare the top home siding installation companies near you. Get competitive quotes from multiple contractors to make sure you are getting the absolute best price on vinyl siding installation in your neighborhood. We take reviews from our homeowners, reviews from Google and a few other factors to determine the most qualified local siding installers.

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Hiring a Local Vinyl Siding Contractor

There are a few things you may need to start your local siding installation project. You will often need to obtain a permit to make any changes to your home; however, you can talk to your vinyl siding installer to see if that is something they will be taking care of or if it is something you will need to make happen. When hiring a vinyl siding contractor near you, make sure they are license, bonded, and insured. If you were to complete your project with a less qualified installer, you may void your home’s vinyl siding warranty that comes with the new siding material.

Here are a few tips for hiring your vinyl siding installer:

  • Request quotes from three to four contractors in your area.
  • Visit the website of each contractor.
    • Is it updated and professional looking?
  • Explore the customer reviews for each contractor.
    • Are they mostly positive? Consider negative reviews and responses.
  • Ask each siding contractor on the phone the following questions:
    • How long have you been in business?
    • How much experience do you have with siding repair or installation?
    • What is your project estimate?
    • Can you provide a list of references?
    • Can you provide proof of insurance for personal liability, worker’s compensation, and property damage coverage?

Use our vinyl siding contractor hiring guide to use as a checklist during your home siding installation project to make it easier.

Vinyl Siding Installation Costs Near You

For the most part, a vinyl siding installation should cost about the same throughout your area no matter what contractor you choose to work with. On average, homeowners near you pay around $3 to $4 per square foot for new vinyl siding materials alone. In most cases vinyl siding can last 20 to 30 years. You could expect to pay around $7,500 in total vinyl siding installation costs in your area if your home was around 2,500 square feet. Vinyl siding installation is one of the most affordable options for home siding in comparison to other types of siding such as brick or natural stone siding.

Return on Investment for Vinyl Siding

When you’re looking for a good return on investment as far as home improvement projects go, vinyl siding installation can be an absolutely great option for that. It not only immediately boosts your home’s resale value, it can also draw in potential homebuyers when your curb appeal dramatically increases as soon as the new siding is installed. Replacing home siding can have a 77% return on investment due to its low cost and long lifespan. Depending on which vinyl siding you install, it can also increase your home’s energy efficiency by updating it.

Finally, if you’re looking to sell your home soon, vinyl siding is one of the best ways to increase your home’s curb appeal. According to the 2016 Cost vs. Value report, upgrading your siding can yield a 77% rate of return on your investment when you sell your home. Even if you are planning to stay in your home for years, your vinyl siding will increase the attractiveness of your home and make it more energy efficient while you live there. Plus, most vinyl siding comes with a lifetime warranty, so you’ll reap the benefits of your investment throughout the life of your home.

Vinyl Siding Permits & Local Inspections

Anytime you alter your home, you’ll need to see if local authorities require you to have a permit like they would for you building a deck or any other home improvement project. If you are simply repairing your vinyl siding, it’s possible you won’t have to acquire a local siding permit for the job to be completed. Your best best is to get in touch with the Home Development authority in your county to find out exactly what you can expect as far as vinyl siding installation requirements and permit fees might be attached. However, most likely the vinyl siding contractor you hire should be able to help you figure out any of this information without too much trouble.

Once your vinyl siding install is complete, you may need to have a follow up siding inspection to make sure it was installed properly and everything is up to code for your local community standards. You can usually figure out what exactly you will need siding permit wise online and often be approved same day.