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Home Window Repair & Installation Near Me

If you find yourself needing home window repairs, it can become an emergency situation pretty quickly if you are unable to board up your window or take other precautions as to not let the elements in. You are most likely in a pinch to get your home window repaired quickly – if so, you won’t have time to compare local window repair contractors to make sure you are getting the best price. This is where Modernize can help, we can get you in contact with up to four local window repair contractors quickly so you can get your window glass fixed fast. Before being contacted by local reliable contractors who can help, it will be beneficial to know an estimate of the size of glass pane and home window style you are wanting to repair.

Your home window installer will be able to give you a round about estimate before coming to your home, but it could vary depending on a few factors about the window in question.

Average Costs for Home Window Repair

On average the cost to repair a home window can range from $125 to $185 for a 12 inch square glass single window pane. If the damage to your home window will only need glass replacement it will be cheaper. However, if other window materials are damaged your total cost for window replacement will increase.

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How to Know if You Need to Repair Your Windows

If you’re trying to figure out if you need to repair your windows or completely replace them, there are a few things to looks for that can help you decide.

1. Can you feel a draft from your windows?

If you feel drafty breezes coming from your windows even when they are closed , they could have bad seals around the edges or the outside elements have taken it’s toll on the original window installation. If air is escaping from your windows then your costs to run your HVAC system are definitely being impacted and your home’s energy efficiency is being impacted greatly.

2. Are your windows hard to open or close? 

If your home windows are hard to lock, hard to slide up and down or get open or closed then it’s probably time to repair or replace them. Sometimes your house shifts causing the original window placement to create difficulties in its usability. It can also be caused by rotting or damaged window framing.

 3. Does condensation build up in between window panes? 

If condensation build up is present in between your window’s glass panes then this is indicative or your window seals not working properly.

4. Are your window frames rotting or soft to the touch? 

If you can feel your window frames are soft to the touch then they have probably suffered from some sort of water damage or other wear and tear of outside elements, in this case they will most likely need to be replaced completely instead of just handled as a window repair job.