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Modernize Achieves Record Revenue Growth, Workforce Grows

Modernize, Inc. (“Modernize”), the national leader in home improvement lead generation, today announced a total gross revenue increase of 18.4% for 2017 and a workforce increase of 18%, growing their Austin, Texas headquarters to 112 employees. Gross revenue growth accelerated in 2018 as January saw a 49.5% increase over the same month in 2017.

Modernize also grew their client base by 66% in 2017, with over 1.5 million homeowners across the country using the platform to find a contractor. Modernize customers generated more than $1.4 billion in contracted projects in 2017, reflecting the upward trend of energy-efficient upgrades to homes across America.

“Modernize has raced out of the gate in 2018 to accent our strong finish last year. The national home improvement industry is experiencing a sea of change in the way that homeowners and contractors interact, and that kind of transformation requires a connected environment to facilitate such growth,” said Jason Polka, Modernize CEO. “We invested heavily in product development and infrastructure in 2017, and we are seeing those investments pay dividends as we embark on a new year at Modernize”.

Founded in 2006, Modernize is changing the way homeowners meet and partner with home improvement contractors, helping them compare quotes and source the best contracting service for residential projects. With a network of hundreds of industry-leading contractors across the country, they are able to match homeowners with reliable, reputable professionals in all 50 states. As housing prices continue to climb, many Americans are staying in their homes longer and making energy-efficient upgrades to save money by taking advantage of government incentives. That trend has positioned Modernize for continued success and growth through its role connecting homeowners and contractors across the country.

To learn more about Modernize, register your business, or find a contractor near you, please visit www.modernize.com.