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One of the Largest HVAC Lead Generation Services in the U.S.

Our HVAC leads are excited homeowners searching for local heating and cooling contractors in real-time. These opt-in homeowners are ready to start their HVAC replacement project. They're looking for more information on average costs, the installation process, and are looking to get matched with a local HVAC company.
We are one of the largest private residential HVAC lead generators in the US. The sky is the limit for growing your top line revenue for your heating and cooling company with us. We pride ourselves on being experts in our four core trades. With our hyper focus on HVAC, we are able to work harder towards being the best in our industry.
Our heating and cooling partners are provided with dedicated 1-on-1 account managers. They work to educate your team on proven process optimization techniques, HVAC industry insights, and to keep you up to date on relevant trends in your service areas. They work hand in hand with your company and measure success by the KPI and cost acquisition goals you set together.
We have proven success metrics with our HVAC partners. Our data feedback loop gives us unmatched insight into thousands of potential local HVAC sales leads with high potential to convert into new jobs daily.

We Work with the Best Heating & Cooling Companies

"Modernize has proven themselves to be strong partners with a vested interest in improving performance across every level of our mutual partnership, honing in on areas such as: incoming HVAC lead generation quality (both xml and warm transfer), data automation, real-time performance optimization, and even call center consultation.

Modernize doesn’t just sell HVAC leads. They understand that their success, and the productivity of their partnerships, depends on their ability to provide quality, revenue-generating opportunities to their clients over the long-term. Doing this requires constant diligence and analytical rigor."

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Our HVAC Lead Generation Strategy

How It's Done

How We Get HVAC Leads

We generate heating and cooling leads through our high traffic digital marketing channels. Our homeowners are seeking qualified local heating and cooling contractors for HVAC replacement projects in real-time.

We qualify all of our residential leads to give you the best new HVAC job leads in your service area.
Modernize HVAC

We Pride Ourselves on Quality Leads

We promise to always put our contractors and our homeowners first. We only utilize proven techniques to generate HVAC service leads that actually benefit both your heating and cooling business and the interested homeowners.

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What Sets Modernize Leads Apart

Because of our scale and expertise, we produce high quality leads at a lower cost than most contractors can on their own, reducing your cost per acquisition.

We have the scale and data to know that whether you’re buying 100 leads or 5,000, they will convert at the same rate. This allows for confident long-term planning based on predictable cost and revenue growth.

Regardless of how well you’re producing your own leads, Modernize's leads produce profitable incremental revenue. We will make your top line grow, and grow faster.

By letting Modernize focus on lead generation, you are able to focus your time and effort within your core competencies where that time and effort yields the greatest returns for your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get more heating and cooling jobs for my HVAC business?
There are a number of ways to generate more HVAC leads for your heating and cooling business. As you may know, most homeowners start their home improvement projects online. So your first step should be to make sure you have a great online presence.
  • Make sure you are well represented on the Better Business Bureau site.
  • Make sure your website is up to date and professional looking.
  • Have a social media presence and request reviews from homeowners about the jobs performed if possible across many platforms.
  • Your website should be optimized for local search engine optimization so that you show up in Google local search results.
  • Market to local homeowners that are searching for keywords about replacing HVAC systems etc. through paid media.
  • Find a reliable HVAC lead generation site like Modernize that has been in business for years and can help you increase quality HVAC jobs quickly.
How do I know Modernize is a quality source for new HVAC leads?
With any lead generation site, there are a few ways to know that you are working with a quality company. Our HVAC leads are opt-in homeowners only who are searching for local HVAC replacement contractors in real-time.

We have developed a quality scrubbing system that removes any HVAC lead we deem as unqualified so that it is a great experience for our homeowners and our contractors.

We target high intent homeowners through all aspects of digital marketing including email, organic Google search, paid social media marketing, and more. We target highly transactional keywords that bring in homeowners who are ready to replace their HVAC system soon.

With our Data Feedback Loop technology we have unmatched insight into potential HVAC jobs in your area, the probability of those leads becoming actual booked jobs, and much more.

All of our contractors are paired with a dedicated 1x1 Account Manager who will work with you to determine your exact KPI's and cost acquisition goals for getting new heating and cooling jobs.