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What Sets Modernize Leads Apart

Each of our leads is a homeowner raising his/her hand to speak with a contractor in real-time, so they are always opt-in and never stale.
We are the largest private home improvement leads provider in the US, so the sky is the limit for growing your top line.
All of our partners are served by our dedicated Customer Success team who will work tirelessly to ensure they're getting the most out of our leads.
Our system of data feedback loops with thousands of partners gives us unmatched insight into how well leads in your trade and area can convert to deals so that we can drive you toward optimal conversion rates.

What our Partners Are Saying

"Modernize's flexible and client specific marketing strategies have ensured that we are taking the necessary steps forward to guarantee that we are leading our industry in roofing lead generation.

Not only are Modernize’s marketing innovations top notch and industry leading, but their commitment to our success and growth is unquestionable. Our future growth and plans for expansion and development directly coincide with our partnership with Modernize."

Jamie Dulin
VP of Marketing,
Power Home Remodeling Group

"We have found the quality of Modernize's roofing leads to be excellent. Of the several services we use in this category, we spend the most with Modernize due to the consistent quality and quantity of their Internet roof leads they produce for us.

For HANSONS, Internet leads close at a higher rate and are the most desirable as they deliver a more educated consumer and one that is further along in the buying cycle."

Amy Zimmerman
VP of Marketing,
Hansons Windows

"Since its integration into our business, Modernize has worked to make the relationship as efficient and as profitable as possible. Modernize has gone the extra mile to provide resources to assist our roofing sales, marketing, and customer service teams. We have found this level of customer service to be very unique in our industry and a valuable part of our relationship with Modernize."

Kirk Graven
Marketing Director,
Mr. Roof

"Modernize has proven themselves to be strong partners with a vested interest in improving performance across every level of our mutual partnership, honing in on areas such as: incoming roofing lead quality (both xml and warm transfer), data automation, real-time performance optimization, and even call center consultation.

Modernize doesn’t just sell roofing leads. They understand that their success, and the productivity of their partnerships, depends on their ability to provide quality, revenue-generating opportunities to their clients over the long-term. Doing this requires constant diligence and analytical rigor."

Janice Barbosa
Sr. Marketing Manager,
Sears Home Services

Modernize Generates Leads.
The Other Guys Aggregate Them.

Lead generation

Our marketing channels

The leads derived from all of these digital marketing channels are homeowners raising their hands to be contacted by contractors about their project in real-time. We know where each of our leads comes from, what action made them a lead, and when they took that action.

Lead aggregation

Their marketing channels

Since lead aggregators are either purchasing data from others or worse, just selling data taken from the phone book, they have no idea where their leads have come from, how old they are, or how much intent they have to complete a home improvement project.

That makes their leads both poor and inconsistent in quality, which makes it difficult for their customers to succeed and scale.

What Sets Modernize Leads Apart

Because of our scale and expertise, we produce high quality leads at a lower cost than most contractors can on their own, reducing your cost per acquisition.

We have the scale and data to know that whether you’re buying 100 leads or 5,000, they will convert at the same rate. This allows for confident long-term planning based on predictable cost and revenue growth.

Regardless of how well you’re producing your own leads, Modernize's leads produce profitable incremental revenue. We will make your top line grow, and grow faster.

By letting Modernize focus on lead generation, you are able to focus your time and effort within your core competencies where that time and effort yields the greatest returns for your business.

More About Roofing Leads

Calling All Residential Roofing Contractors

In the roofing industry, new construction opportunities have opened up as more innovative materials and roofing techniques have been adopted. Still, roofing can be a tough business. About a third of new companies fail in their first three years. Only those that master marketing and selling to their customers can survive. And that requires a steady stream of quality roofing leads.

How Modernize Helps You Grow as a Roofing Contractor

Homeowners are doing more of their business online these days, and that goes for locating a contractor, too. Your next customer is a lot more likely to begin their search online through a contractor referral service or search engine than they might have been five years ago. So if you’re hoping to keep your business relevant and grow your consumer base, you’ll need to start using digital resources to locate new business.

Top Reasons to Start Your Roofing Lead Generation Marketing Campaign Today

At the same time, taking your lead generation online can result in a lot of dead ends if you don’t do it right. Lead aggregation services have rightly earned their reputation as a poor source of business. These services have been known to charge contractors money for roofing leads that have gone cold or have been copied straight from the phone book! At Modernize, our roof leads are all homeowners “raising their hands” on the internet in real time, expressing an interest in speaking to a contractor about a project. And we use today’s leading marketing techniques, like organic search, online ads, social media, and paid search ads, to discover new customers—we never purchase lists of client names who may or may not be interested.

When you use a lead generation campaign, you can track your business back to its original source—something that usually isn’t possible with billboards or print ads. Unlike with those advertising tracks, we can see exactly where homeowners are looking when they search for a roofing contractor, and use that information to maximize your roofing leads. So it’s more than just names and numbers—it’s a strategy to grow your business into the next frontier of online marketing.

Other Types of Leads Offered:

Home Improvement – Contractor Leads

HVAC Leads

Solar Leads

Window Leads

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