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What Sets Modernize Leads Apart

Each of our leads is a homeowner raising his/her hand to speak with a contractor in real-time, so they are always opt-in and never stale.
We are the largest private home improvement leads provider in the US, so the sky is the limit for growing your top line.
All of our partners are served by our dedicated Customer Success team who will work tirelessly to ensure they're getting the most out of our leads.
Our system of data feedback loops with thousands of partners gives us unmatched insight into how well leads in your trade and area can convert to deals so that we can drive you toward optimal conversion rates.

What our Partners Are Saying

"Modernize has worked aggressively to support, develop and refine our solar lead generation relationship. Through professionalism and a commitment to scale, we’ve been able to grow the Horizon/Modernize solar leads channel to a volume and profitability that is considered 1st in class within our metrics."

Ruben Ugarte
Business Development Director,
Horizon Solar Power

Modernize Generates Leads.
The Other Guys Aggregate Them.

Lead generation

Our marketing channels

The leads derived from all of these digital marketing channels are homeowners raising their hands to be contacted by contractors about their project in real-time. We know where each of our leads comes from, what action made them a lead, and when they took that action.

Lead aggregation

Their marketing channels

Since lead aggregators are either purchasing data from others or worse, just selling data taken from the phone book, they have no idea where their leads have come from, how old they are, or how much intent they have to complete a home improvement project.

That makes their leads both poor and inconsistent in quality, which makes it difficult for their customers to succeed and scale.

What Sets Modernize Leads Apart

Because of our scale and expertise, we produce high quality leads at a lower cost than most contractors can on their own, reducing your cost per acquisition.

We have the scale and data to know that whether you’re buying 100 leads or 5,000, they will convert at the same rate. This allows for confident long-term planning based on predictable cost and revenue growth.

Regardless of how well you’re producing your own leads, Modernize's leads produce profitable incremental revenue. We will make your top line grow, and grow faster.

By letting Modernize focus on lead generation, you are able to focus your time and effort within your core competencies where that time and effort yields the greatest returns for your business.

More About Solar Leads

Calling All Residential Solar Contractors

If you’re a residential solar contractor, you’ve already witnessed unprecedented growth in your industry. Homeowners are eager for qualified solar installers to help them learn about solar for their homes and make their dreams of a self-owned solar panel installation a reality. As a solar contractor, you have the ability to transform homeowners’ energy use and significantly reduce their impact on the environment—but only if you know how to take advantage of that leverage and capture more qualified solar leads.

How Modernize Helps You Grow as a Solar Contractor

Although it’s finally coming into its own, the solar industry is still young, which means you may need to work harder than other contractors to drum up business. Modernize offers access to qualified solar leads that originate through verified sources, like paid and organic search, social media, and online ads on sites that homeowners frequent. Our solar panel leads come to us directly through these marketing channels, so we never sell lists of contacts that have gone cold.

Top Reasons to Start Your Solar Lead Generation Marketing Campaign Today

Solar stands at the forefront of energy innovation, which means your marketing efforts need to be just as cutting edge. Verified residential solar panel leads coming from digital sources will help you stay relevant in the online space. Using this method allows us to track contacts back to their origins. Unlike a radio ad or a billboard, you’ll know exactly where your business is coming from, and how you can tailor your marketing and advertising efforts in the future.

Additionally, digital solar lead generation is scalable as business takes off. You can increase the size of your marketing lead generation campaign and still get the same return on investment, so it’s a model that grows as your company does. That’s important for solar professionals like you, since there’s plenty of room for the solar industry to grow in the upcoming years.

For homeowners, the decision to switch to solar power is a big one, and many homeowners who want to install solar panels begin their searches online. Using a solar lead generation service like ours allows you to locate customers where their search begins, rather than waiting for them to search through hundreds of pages first. That means you can react to their interest faster, keeping solar job leads fresher and more profitable.

Here at Modernize, we’ve worked with solar providers for years, and have watched the solar market progress from its humble origins to the burgeoning solar industry we see today. We know you need a robust digital presence as a solar provider, and we’re here to help you get your name out there by finding you the most relevant, tailored solar leads available. That way, you can stick to doing what you do best: helping homeowners fulfill their dream of solar power in their homes!

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