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Royal Home Siding

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Royal Home Siding

Royal is a smaller company whose impressive design sense has made it the darling of home décor sites all over the web, rocketing the business to prominence. True, they have fewer options as far as panel detail, but they make up for it with a fresh color selection and a well-reviewed catalog. They’re a great go-to for a household that’s looking to mix up the home’s exterior without sacrificing durability or having to wade through thousands of decisions. This guide will take you through the basics of Royal’s selection, options, and ratings, as well as provide you with information about the company’s commitment to eco-friendly building materials.

Siding Options Available by Royal

Royal offers siding that resembles a number of different textured wood cladding, from clapboard panels, to board and batten vertical siding, to cedar shakes and shingles all the way to insulated siding options. While they have offerings in all standard vinyl siding varieties, within those basic types your choices will be limited to a handful of models. So, if you really want to drill down into the smallest details of the panel’s appearance, you’ll have to look elsewhere. Find a local vinyl siding installer near you today.

The Look of Royal Siding

Royal siding is perfect for achieving that classic, quaint suburban look. Their products are not as much about fussy detailing or architectural historical accuracy as they are about providing a serviceable and durable look for today’s homeowners.

Color options are limited compared to some other brands, however, Royal provides a much more modern palette, with more choices available when it comes to deep, standout shades or unusual hues that can really transform a home’s appearance. They’ve managed to achieve more updated looks with their sidings than some of their contemporaries who boast more variety in their catalogue.

Green Points by Using Royal Siding

Royal is very focused on its sidings’ R-value, or the industry rating that indicates how insulative a material is. Insulated siding is energy efficient–it helps keep in climate-controlled air while blocking drafts and heat. Many of these sidings also participate in the EPA’s ENERGY STAR certification program. That means that they’ve been reviewed and found to rate high in efficiency, which ultimately translates to energy savings.

Royal also boasts sustainable manufacturing processes that measure the company’s water and energy efficiency and reaffirm its commitment to waste reduction and recycling. For instance, to reduce one facility’s energy use Royal upgraded to high efficiency lighting and achieved a purported 59 percent reduction in energy.

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Royal Siding Warranties and Limitations

Like most siding manufacturers, Royal offers a limited lifetime warranty that includes factory defects and damage, but does not cover routine wear and tear. They also indicate that they’ll replace for sun damage if the product appears to have faded more than three or four Hunter units from the original shade–which is very valuable if you’ve purchased the siding mostly for its look and color.

Cleaning Royal Siding

Vinyl sidings’ easy cleanup and convenience has traditionally been one of its main selling points, and Royal’s offerings are no different. However, pressure washing is definitely not recommended as this could severely damage the siding or affect the color intensity. Royal recommends that you wash the siding with a gentle soft-bristled scrub brush, soap, and water.

How Much Does Royal Siding Cost?

Prices for Royal siding will run you between $2.00 to $7.00 per square foot, depending on your area and the installation costs. This price puts them solidly in the midrange in terms of affordability.

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Reviews and Complaints of Royal Siding

Royal is fairly well-reviewed, most customers seem pleased with their product overall. While their Duraplank and Woodland 16 models, which were tested by Consumer Reports, achieved commendable ratings. Like most manufactured siding, Royal brands were susceptible to damage due to extreme temperatures–highs and lows can cause defects to appear from time to time, or even result in cracking or warping after a long period of time.

The Bottom Line About Royal Siding

As a company, Royal demonstrates very forward-thinking modern sensibilities in terms of design aesthetic and environmental record. They’re an excellent choice for a homeowner looking to revive an outdated exterior with a pop of dramatic color, rather than capture a classical appearance through historical accuracy and detail. Their affordability makes modern design attainable.