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Champion Windows Buying Guide

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Champion Replacement Windows Review

Champion is one of the industry’s oldest window manufacturers – the company began making aluminum storm windows and doors, screen rooms and awnings from its manufacturing facility in Cincinnati in 1953.

In 1975, champion added vinyl replacement windows to its product lineup, and in 1995, the company expanded into a state-of-the-art manufacturing center in Springdale, Ohio. A second manufacturing facility in Denver soon followed, and that facility now serves as the company’s nationwide production headquarters.

Part of Champion’s longevity stems from its limited lifetime warranty, which provides homeowners with reassurance that their Champion windows are built to last and withstand any weather conditions.

Read on to learn more about Champion vinyl windows, including window replacement costs, window materials and styles, window maintenance and more.

Champion Window - Top Window Brand - Modernize

Champion Vinyl Windows

With more than six decades of window manufacturing experience, Champion has developed many innovative manufacturing processes that truly set its vinyl windows apart from other brands.

home window with sitting area

Champion’s custom-built, made in the U.S.A. vinyl replacement windows have 12-point fusion-welded corners that are so strong they can support the weight of a half-ton pickup truck. The interior of Champion’s vinyl window frames are insulated with foam to provide enhanced energy efficiency, and the company’s energy-efficient replacement windows meet or beat EnergyStar requirements to better insulate your home and provide comfort in hot or cold climates.

Champion windows are manufactured using double-paned glass filled with Argon gas. They block 94 percent of harmful UV rays from sunlight while reflecting heat back to the source rather than absorbing it into your home. Champion’s premium glass windows have 19 layers of metallic and non-metallic coatings applied to the glass surface, yet those protective coatings are less than 1/1,000 of an inch, providing unmatched clarity and visibility.

How Much Do Champion Windows Cost? 

A vinyl replacement window costs between $425 and $2,100, with an average of about $1,500. Prices can vary greatly between manufacturers, and materials, size and difficulty of installation all affect total price as well. Modernize created a window cost estimator to help you gain a better understanding of what you might expect to pay for replacement windows.

Buying Champion replacement windows is a bit different than buying new windows made by other manufacturers or through a big box home improvement center, though. Champion works directly with its customers to design, customize and build their clients’ windows. The company’s design experts come to your home to help you create the perfect window package for your residence. Once you finalize all your window styles, sizes and options, Champion’s expert production team hand-crafts each window, and its installation team removes your old windows and installs new Champion replacement windows.

Since it works directly with customers, Champion offers low monthly payment plans for up to 120 months on its new windows, as well as up to 60 months of low-interest financing for qualified buyers. Creditworthy homeowners can get a complete window package costing $7,500 for as little as $99 a month.

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Champion Window Styles

Champion vinyl windows come in a wide range of styles that can beautify any home. 

Champion’s patented ColorBond manufacturing process gives its vinyl replacement window frames a variety of color options, including tan, classic white, adobe, bronze, Colonial blue, pebble and black. The company’s TimberBond manufacturing process, meanwhile, creates a wood-grain look that mimics cherrywood, dark oak or English oak for homeowners desiring a more traditional look to their window frames.

Champion offers a full line of vinyl replacement window styles in standard sizes, including:

Champion Double-hung Windows

Champion’s double-hung vinyl windows feature upper and lower main sashes that tilt inwards, or the bottom sash slides upwards. The tilt feature makes it easy to clean the outside of the window panes from inside the home, making them a great choice for taller multi-story homes. Double-hung windows are among Champion’s most popular window choices.

double hund windows visual illustration

Champion Casement Windows

These windows have a hinge on one side and swing outwards by turning a crank handle. They are popular choices in regions that see a lot of rain or snow and also work well in homes that have windows over sinks or counters. Casement windows can be built with a fixed center pane with two moveable windows on either side for a great unobstructed view that also affords fresh air when desired.

casement windows visual illustration

Champion Sliding Windows

Sliding windows feature a sash that opens horizontally to the left or right depending on the window layout. This type of replacement window is a great option if your home has shorter walls with tall windows. They also are a good option for any space that’s cramped or difficult to access. Like casement windows, sliding windows can be built with a fixed center pane and two movable end sashes.

sliding windows visual illustration

Champion Bay and Bow Windows

Both of these windows are projection windows – they jut out from the exterior wall of your home. Bay windows are angled, while bow windows form a gentle curve. Both styles typically feature moveable end windows with one or more fixed picture windows in the center. Both styles can be used to create additional space inside a well-used room and are great options for creating reading nooks or coffee-sipping alcoves. They also are great window styles for capturing exterior views and bringing in additional sunlight into a room.

Bay Window:

bay window visual illustration

Bow Window:

bow window visual illustration

Champion Garden Windows

This type of vinyl replacement window is often used in homes with a window above the kitchen sink. They project outwards from the exterior wall and are a great place to grow herbs, succulents and other small plants.

garden window visual illustration

Champion Picture Windows

These fixed-pane windows are perfect for rooms where you want to capture natural views or bring in additional natural lighting. A common approach is to flank large picture windows with two moveable windows, such as casement or double-hung windows.

picture window visual illustration

Champion Window Grid Collections

Exterior window treatments can give your Champion replacement windows a personal style that complements and enhances many different architectural styles. Exterior window treatments such as grids, shutters and flower boxes bring design flair and personality to the exterior of your home.

Champion offers four different grid patterns that are actually inserted into the glass rather than snapped into the outside of the window frame, which provides excellent durability and makes cleaning the window panes much easier. Grid pattern options include Colonial (small rectangular squares), diamond, prairie (horizontal and vertical bars inset on all sides of both sashes) and open prairie (horizontal and vertical inset bars spanning the entire window with a clear center).

Homeowners can work with a Champion designer to come up with window grid options that best match their personal taste and home’s design.

Champion Warranty Information

Champion has one of the best warranties in the business, and with more than six decades of history homeowners can rest assured Champion is a company that will still be in the window manufacturing industry for many years to come.

Champion’s lifetime limited warranty covers all aspects of window installation and labor, as well as the various window materials and parts. From latches and locks to sills and sashes, Champion will replace any defective part free of charge. Basically, if something on your window ever breaks, the company will send someone out to your home to fix it at no additional cost.

Champion does recommend homeowners consult with one of their representatives to fully understand window replacement coverages and warranty information.

Champion Window Maintenance

One good thing about Champion windows is that they are made exclusively with vinyl frames, a material that requires far less maintenance than other wooden window frames.

As far as cleaning the frames, never use cleaning products that contain solvents or petroleum ethers – they can damage and discolor the vinyl frame. A solution of dish soap and hot water (along with some elbow grease) works well to clean the window frames, as do most common all-purpose cleaning products.

When cleaning the glass itself, you can hire a professional window cleaner to knock out the job for around $100 to $150, or you can tackle it yourself. Always use high-quality glass cleaners since they tend to leave less streaks. You can opt to wipe the glass with a high-absorbency microfiber towel, or you can go about it like the professionals and use a squeegee – it’s the best method to rapidly remove the cleaner and avoid unsightly streaking.

You can remove the window screens and hit them with a soft-bristled brush to knock off dust, pollen and other detritus.

The Bottom Line

Champion has been in the window manufacturing business for more than 65 years and offers a best-in-class warranty for its vinyl replacement windows. Since you work directly with the company, buying new windows from Champion differs from other well-established window manufacturers. Representatives will come to your home to discuss window styles and options, cost, and take exact measurements to ensure each window fits correctly.

Champion’s windows are energy-efficient and built to last. They’ve served tens of thousands of homeowners over the decades with high-quality windows and have earned high marks for professionalism, quality, installation and value.