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Solar Power in Little Rock

Little Rock, Arkansas enjoys 219 sunny days a year, making it a prime location for homeowners looking to adopt solar technology. Not only can integrating solar technology into your home help save you money on your monthly utility bill, but it can also decrease your environmental footprint as you reduce your dependence on fossil fuels based sources of energy, helping preserve your local environment for generations to come. Additionally, if you’re looking to sell your home anytime soon, multiple studies show that solar technology (especially PV panels) can help increase the value of your home and help it to sell faster as new homebuyers are very interested in purchasing homes that are energy efficient and environmentally sustainable.

What Solar Options Are Available in Little Rock?

Because of Little Rock’s sunny climate, solar technology can be used to generate the bulk of the energy (or heat) necessary to power various devices in your home. Though the initial investment in solar technology may seem high, based on the current cost of energy in Arkansas, you can expect your solar technology system to save you $14,706 in utility bills over the next twenty years. Some of the most popular solar options in Little Rock include:

Solar Panels: Solar panels refer to a panel designed to absorb the sun’s rays as a source of energy for generating electricity or heating. Solar panels that are typically mounted on a rooftop, though sometimes based on HOA restrictions or concerns about adding extra weight to your roof, they can be installed in a south facing yard. Either way, your solar panels should be arranged to maximize their hours of exposure to direct sunlight.

Solar Attic Fans: Solar Attic Fans reduce heat build-up in your attic an  minimize the burden on your HVAC system. Powered completely by free solar energy, a solar attic fan has the added benefit of removing hot air and moisture out of your attic, which can help extend the life of your roof. Available for all roof types, solar attic fans require no electrical wiring or structural changes and blend seamlessly into your roof line.

Solar Pool Heaters: Heating your pool with traditional methods can be very expensive, but a pool is also a significant investment in your home, so you want to maximize your swimming time throughout the year. A great way to extend your swimming time and keep your pool warm at a reasonable price is to install a solar pool heater. Solar pool heaters are cost competitive with both gas and heat pump pool heaters, and they have very low annual operating costs. Solar pool heaters operate by pumping pool water through a filter and then through a solar collector, where it is heated before it is returned to the pool. In warmer climates–and this certainly applies to Little Rock summers–the solar collector can also be used to cool the pool by circulating pool water through the collector at night when temperatures are cooler.

Solar pool heaters are preferable to traditional gas or heat pool pumps for a number of reasons:

  • Durability— solar pool heaters last two to three times the life of a gas or electric pool heater or heat pump
  • Affordability— you can expect to recoup the expense of your solar pool heater in as little as two years
  • Simple to Operate— solar pool heaters are highly reliable and require virtually no maintenance
  • Extend the Life of Your Roof—  solar collectors (which look like panels) provide an added level of protection for your roof against the elements
  • Lower Utility Bills-– not only are solar pool heaters a cheaper and more energy efficient way to heat your pool, but the collectors on the roof absorb radiant heat, helping to keep your attic cool during hot summer months

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Are there Financial Incentives to Adopt Solar in Little Rock?

If you install an Energy Star approved solar-power systems before the end of 2016, you can claim 30% of the cost as a tax credit for the year you installed it, with no upper limit on that credit. In terms of state and local incentives, at this time it appears that most are expired, but you should work closely with a licensed solar installer to maximize any potential incentives or creative financing options available for new residential solar technology systems.