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How Much Does Window Installation Cost in Fresno?

Window installation in Fresno, CA on average costs anywhere from $325 to $485 per window plus local labor costs. A few factors that can change the cost to replace windows are the window brand, type of windows installed, frame types, and energy efficient glass upgrades. Use our Modernize window replacement costs calculator to get an exact estimate based off of your desired window installation type.

How Much Does Window Repair Cost in Fresno?

The cost to repair a window in Fresno if it’s a small pane of glass will probably end up costing around $250 or more. If you are trying to decide whether it’s cheaper to simply repair a window with rotten frames or broken glass, you’ll want to compare repair vs replacement costs and this will depend mainly on how easy a fix it is.

window installation repair contractors in Fresno, CA

Most Popular Window Installations in Fresno

Congratulations! You decided that it’s about time for you to have new windows installed in your Fresno home. Before you get into the details of repairing or installing new windows, you should know what is popular as far as different window frame material options for California homeowners. 

Here are the top five types of replacement window frames that you may choose from.

Fiberglass Window Installation

A fiberglass window frame installation is the most heavy-duty of all window frame type options. It is more durable than vinyl. It takes a long time before the material fades or cracks. A fiberglass frame also has outstanding thermal performance, which makes it the best energy-efficient window frame type.

Because you can paint it with any color you prefer, it is more expensive than other window frame types. It also requires more maintenance and may require repainting once the initial coat of paint fades away.

Aluminum Window Installation

If you want a more affordable window frame type, you may consider an aluminum window frame replacement. An aluminum window frame costs the least with all types. It requires minimal to no maintenance, yet is lightweight and long-lasting.

However, the downside of an aluminum frame type is that it provides the least insulation and can accumulate heat fast. Because of this characteristic, it is not a good option for locations that are directly facing the noon sun.

Vinyl Window Installation

New vinyl windows are another installation choice for those who are in the market for an affordable window frame type. Like the aluminum window frames, vinyl frames also require less maintenance. You can place insulation materials over the frame, which increases its energy-efficiency rate.

The disadvantage, however, of a vinyl window frame is how it looks. Some designers and homeowners find vinyl as cheap-looking. This feature makes it the least option for houses who want their houses to look attractive to potential buyers.

Wood Window Installation

Wooden window frame types are common in Fresno homes because they look nice and are stylish.  They perfectly improve any home facade. Plus, it matches various high-end interior designs, which can either be a traditional or modern design.

What’s more, is that wood is famous for being energy efficient as it acts as additional insulation to your Californian house. However, take note that wood requires regular maintenance to prevent mold or insect infestation.

Composite Window Installation

Composite window frames are either a mix of wood and vinyl or wood and aluminum. This frame type is highly sturdy and is the most energy-efficient. It can perfectly blend in your house facade and requires little maintenance. However, a composite window frame type is very costly, which is why only a few homeowners consider having it. 

Takeaway Tip: Consult With the Experts

Picking the correct window frame type is crucial to having a successful window replacement in Fresco. Make sure to arrange an appointment with a local and reliable Fresno window installer as they can assist you in deciding which type will best suit your California home and if a repair or replacement is more in line for your current windows.