As a result of the current pandemic, many homeowners continue to work from home. Because homeowners are spending more time at home, home improvement contractors must thoughtfully adapt to accommodate new challenges on the worksite. 

One major obstacle that contractors face is getting the job done while clients are working from home during the construction period. Here are a few things every home improvement contractor needs to consider to create the best experience when completing a project for a work-from-home client. 

Planning Ahead: Homeowner Communication

Currently, homeowners and contractors are meeting virtually to discuss their home improvement projects. As a result, meeting online has become an effective and efficient way to accommodate your homeowners. 

However, meeting online also brings about other challenges. For instance, meeting interruptions are commonly encountered by homeowners and contractors. Therefore, during your first call, talk with homeowners about their schedules in advance. Learning more about the homeowner’s work and family schedule will help you better understand the project’s progress and estimated completion date. 

Together, you identify the ideal times for construction, helping to minimize disruptions for everyone involved. 

Additionally, during your meeting, ask homeowners to draw or share a map of their property to avoid interruptions during construction. Have the homeowner mark and identify areas that require care, like gardens, trees, or in-home office space. This guidance will assist with any inspections or installation and help the project run smoothly.

During Each Appointment

During each appointment, it is vitally important to be mindful of a homeowner’s workspace. For example, there will be times when the homeowner will be on a work call or video conference. Whenever possible, help your crew minimize unnecessary noise, such as loud conversations or music.

Follow Safety Procedures & CDC Recommendations

As the pandemic continues, it is vital to maintain the highest levels of safety for your workers and the homeowner’s family. Health and safety protocols are essential to preventing the spread of the virus. 

Keep in mind that many homeowners delayed their home improvement projects during the first year of the pandemic. Now that people are moving forward in the “new normal,” homeowners are still wary about inviting contractors into their homes during COVID-19. 

Provide reassurance to every homeowner that your team takes the precautions necessary, as recommended by the health department and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  

Ensure every crew member is wearing a mask, shoe coverings, and gloves when they arrive at each appointment. Additionally, equip each team to come with cleaning materials to wipe down and sanitize areas before —and after— occupying them.

Lead Generation in a Pandemic

Face-to-face lead generation is challenging right now because of social distancing measures. If you find it challenging to connect with interested homeowners, consider transitioning your marketing efforts to a digital marketing strategy and online lead generation. 

Online lead generation is the cutting-edge solution to find homeowners who are searching for the services you offer. Here at Modernize, we have proven systems in place to connect qualified homeowners with home improvement contractors. 

Please schedule a consultation with our knowledgeable team to learn more about how our services will help your business tap into the many opportunities in the home improvement industry.  

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