One interesting down-stream effect of the pandemic is the increased demand for recreational activities at home. Hot tubs, trampolines, playsets, and bikes are items that are growing in demand as families are looking for ways to spend time together while maintaining health and safety.

How has your hot tub business changed since COVID-19 started last year? There’s an undeniable increase in demand, which means that you can take advantage of growth opportunities by positioning your business to support the needs of new and potential customers.

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Generating Leads in the Hot Tub Industry

How are you connecting with homeowners who are ready to enjoy the benefits of a private hot tub at home? Good leads are available, but you need to know where to invest your marketing budget in connecting with potential customers who are ready to buy.

Optimizing your marketing system will bring in more leads, which directly impacts helping you grow your hot tub business. Consider these strategies to expand your presence and connect with your target demographic:

1. Leverage Referrals

Word of mouth can be a powerful way to connect with people who are ready to buy. Focusing on the satisfaction of your customers means that your business information will be passed to friends and family who also want a hot tub at home.

Consider designing a referral program to share your gratitude with current and past customers who send leads. Maintaining ongoing communication with your warm list of customers brings in more leads over the years.

2. Optimized Offer

Bringing traffic to your website won’t do anything if you don’t have an effective conversion strategy in place. How are you optimizing your offer to turn leads into paying customers? The key is to show why your business stands out from the competition, giving your company the advantage over other potential options the homeowner might be considering.

You are selling more than basic hot tubs – these services create an experience that people want to share with their loved ones. Tap into the emotional excitement of having a private way to relax at home. Look for opportunities to create a personal sales conversation so you can cater the message to the most important talking points for each homeowner.

3. Social Media

Sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are digital spaces where people spend a significant amount of time. These platforms make it easy to tap into the right demographic, with the option to filter advertising efforts based on location.

Here are several strategies to grow your social media.

  1. Set up your social media profile
  2. Engage your followers by posting regularly
  3. Use the latest hashtags.
  4. Post-eye-appealing content
  5. Respond to comments on your posts
  6. Interact with similar businesses
  7. Follow at least 15 businesses per week

Remember that you are advertising your hot tub business through social media; so, it is important to have information that lets users contact you. It is also important to let users know what you are about.

Not every business has the time to manually post 8 different social media posts on five different platforms. That’s why we recommend signing up for a scheduling app.

Scheduling apps like Buffer, Hootsuite, and Sprout are fantastic tools that allow you to schedule all your posts through one platform. Consistently posting helps you stay at the top-of-mind, so people know whom to call when they are ready for a jacuzzi installation.

Another way to one-up your competitor’s social media is by using the latest hashtags. Each platform will vary in the latest hashtags, but applying the top five popular hashtags relative to your business and/or post will guarantee traffic to your profile. More traffic to your profile will lead to growth in your business.

Since you are trying to showcase your work, it is vital that you post before and after pictures. Think of before and after pictures as social proof to your business. If your work is promising, chances are you will experience an increase in business.

Responding to comments on your post shows users that you are taking time out of your day to acknowledge them. It also shows great interaction history for your account and will encourage more users to comment or enquire.

Finally, it is important to note that your following does not grow overnight. It takes time and effort to grow a steady following. Two reliable strategies to grow your following is interacting with similar businesses and follow at least 15 accounts per week. To see a faster follow rate, we recommend following 50 accounts per week and increasing your time interacting with other businesses.

4. SEO Audits

SEO audits evaluate the performance of a website. A website establishes trust and authority, showing that you are a leader in the local industry. If you don’t have a website, this step should be at the top of your priority list! If your current website is outdated, then it might be time to begin an SEO Audit. 

SEO audits are a surefire way for improving and growing your hot tub business. You should conduct an SEO audit if your website: 

  • Experiences a significant traffic decrease. 
  • Your competition is ranking higher than you are on search engines.
  • Fails to appear on the first page of search engines. 

Fortunately, SEO audits are not complicated. With the right information, anyone can conduct their very own SEO audit. However, if you wish to hire an SEO auditor, we have prepared a list of questions you should consider before hiring. 

  1. What do you hope to get out of an audit? 
  2. What are the most important pages, products, and or services? 
  3. Are these important pages, products, and or services listed on your website? 
  4. What is your current marketing strategy? 
  5. Do you have website statistics? 

These questions will help you and the auditor understand what your goals are in optimizing your website. 

For those conducting their SEO audit, here is what you must know. There are two parts to completing an SEO audit: On-site and off-site optimization. 

On-Site Optimization

On-site optimization means looking for certain factors on your website that could affect your position on search engines. When conducting on-site optimization, some factors to look for are poor images, broken links, and low ranked keywords. A website that has eye-appealing images stands a higher chance of landing on the first page of search engines rather than a website that has pixelated photos. Once you find factors, such as poor images and broken links, it is imperative that you fix them right away.   

Off-Site Optimization

Off-site optimization means marketing your website to improve its position in search engines. There is only one highly recommended marketing strategy for off-site optimization—link building. There are two types of link building—internal linking and backlinking. Internal linking directs users to another page within your website. For example, if a user is on your website’s main page and clicks on a link that directs to your contact page, that is a form of internal linking. Backlinking is when businesses link to your website, and you link to their website. The more companies link to your website, the more you will appear as a trusted source in search engines. The more trusted you appear, the higher your ranking will go up. 

Ideally, SEO Audits have four purposes:  

  1. Receive an overall performance review of your website. 
  2. Redesign your website to match the latest SEO trends. 
  3. Increase traffic to your website. 
  4. Ensure you are consistently outranking your competitors. 

There are many more ways to expand your digital footprint in the homeowner world. To grow your hot tub business, we highly recommend conducting an SEO audit.  

5. Lead Generation Service

Instead of putting in the time and effort to recreate a marketing campaign from scratch, why not tap into a proven system? At Modernize, we provide streamlined procedures to help hot tub businesses and professionals connect with homeowners looking for your services. We already have the marketing solutions in place – you simply need to tap into the channels to connect with your target demographic.

If you’re looking for ways to scale your business and improve your marketing strategies this year, then our team is here to help. Reach out to learn more about how your hot tub business can benefit from a lead generation service.

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