There’s no question that you offer quality interior remodeling services to your clients. The trick is connecting with the homeowners who need these services and can see the value you offer.

Good leads are out there – you just need to know where to look. Bringing in a steady stream of leads is the foundation of future success for your business. Dialing in your marketing strategies is the critical step to help your business grow. Keep reading to learn more about generating leads in the home renovation industry. These time-tested strategies work great for all interior home remodeling businesses, including kitchen remodelers, bathroom remodelers, cabinet replacement businesses, flooring installation businesses, and more.

Table of Contents

1. Leveraging Social Media

People spend hours a week on social media, which means that Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are ripe for opportunities. Are you tapping into the power of social media for your business? If not, you are missing out on potential leads to expand your reach.

Social media is a great tool because it allows you to select the geographic area and demographic details that match your target customer. Dialing in your target market is essential so you can maximize your efforts and ad spending.

Not only is social media advertising an option to bring in leads, but regular posting to your account is a great way to stay relevant online. Share tips, before and after pics, and monthly specials to engage your audience.

2. Secure a Web Presence

In addition to a professional-looking website, you also need to be sure that your business shows up in the search results. When a customer searches on Google for local remodelers, your site must show up in the listings.

Search engine optimization is an investment. It takes time to establish your online presence – but it’s worth the long-term benefits that come. Let Google bring you leads while you are working on the projects. A strong web presence keeps the leads flowing, so you always have new project opportunities.

3. Create a Referral Program

When your customers are satisfied with your work, they will be happy to pass your information to friends and family. Having a referral program is a simple way to say “thank you” for the leads that are coming in.

Stay in contact with clients and prospects to keep your company fresh in their minds. This ongoing communication increases the likelihood that you’ll have more opportunities to come in the future.

4. Dial-in Your Offer

Sure, you can pay a lot of money to drive traffic to your website. But that traffic won’t put money in your pocket without a strong conversion strategy on your site. Converting a lead to a client can sometimes be the most challenging step. Focusing on customer experience is key to showing these leads why they should choose your service over one of the competitors.

As a remodeler, you have the experience homeowners need to make their dreams become a reality. Look for ways you can create a conversational, personal experience for each lead. Having an in-person consultation is a powerful way to build a relationship. Or, you can start with a phone conversation if the homeowner isn’t ready to meet.

5. Lead Generation Services

At Modernize, we specialize in interior remodeling services. Potential clients come to our website to request information; then, we connect them with certified home services in their local areas.

We’re providing simple solutions for homeowners and home remodelers. Home remodeling projects are easy to find when you are working with a trusted team in the industry. Our proven system generates leads through high-traffic digital marketing challenges. When homeowners request to connect with a local remodeling expert, we match them instantly with you, so you can discuss the project face-to-face.

These online leads are primed and ready to move forward on their home renovation projects. Talk to us to see how a partnership can scale your business.

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