In an ideal world, your sales team would contact your homeowner leads, and the homeowners interested in your services would reply right back. 

Easy. Done. Money in the bank.

But that is not the reality of the world we live in. People have voicemail at home, at work, and on their cell. It is not uncommon to have two, three, or even four email accounts. There is social media and texting. And don’t forget about regular, old, snail mail. It can be really difficult to capture someone’s attention amidst all the noise. 

The point: You need to be both persistent in your marketing attempts and make your business stand out. 

What you will discover is that cold leads are not necessarily dead leads. In fact, it is equally likely that you simply were overlooked the first time you communicated with the homeowners. 

There is good news. Although we are all struggling to navigate this pandemic, there is a silver lining to this challenging time. More people than ever are working from home. This means homeowners are more likely to pay attention to mailings or phone calls they receive at home. It also means homeowners are likely to notice work that needs to be done within their home.

It can be daunting to approach leads that have gone cold. We offer six tips to effectively market to your cold leads. 

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Be brief when you’re remarketing

The average consumer’s attention span is only 8 seconds, according to marketing experts. Carefully evaluate the last email or script you used to pitch your potential customer.

Is it too flowery, or filled with acronyms they may not understand? Is your lead-in simply too long? See if you can trim your communication down to get to the point in a clear and concise way. 

Most importantly, make sure your content is different than the first time around. Whether you communicate via email, mailings, phone calls or texts, you want your message to be fresh and timely. 

Solve a Problem

All of sales come down to one key strategy: You need to solve a problem to win business.

Instead of touting your company’s accolades, think about the specific problem your potential customer is facing. Maybe a big storm recently passed through your area and blew roofing tiles off homes. Perhaps your client is motivated by a desire to be more energy efficient. Are you marketing to a neighborhood with aging homes in need of upgrades?

People will hire you because you solve the problem they are facing. Keep your focus on that, and tailor your content to support these pain points. 

Offer Value

We are all attracted to a deal. End your communication by offering one —whatever it may be— and make it time-sensitive to inspire action immediately, rather than ending up on the dreaded heap of junk mail that ultimately ends up in the trash.

Follow Up

Was your email not opened? Was your voicemail never returned?

Rather than give up, follow up with another email or phone call. Mention how easy it is to miss an email or voicemail, and add that you just wanted to make sure they had all of the information they needed.

Show Your Face

Want to catch someone’s attention quickly and then make them remember you? One great way to do that is to show your face. Using your photo in marketing materials will help you convert more leads, according to information published in The American Genius, a website geared toward entrepreneurs.

Instead of closing your communications with just your name and title, include a photo of either just you or your business team. It is an easy way to make things personal— and convert leads.

Offer a Call to Action

Your goal is not to just impress your potential client, it is to get them to take action. Be sure to end any communication you have with a call to action. Make it clear what the next step is, whether that is arranging for an estimate or scheduling a time to start the job. 

One rule of marketing is that change brings opportunity. You never know what opportunity might be waiting for you— unless you take the time to ask.

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