COVID-19 news and updates change quickly and frequently. Some of the information in this article may soon be out of date. We will do our best to keep details updated during this challenging time. The article below reflects information as of April 27, 2020. 

According to the most recent reports of the New York Times at least 316 million people in at least 42 states have been ordered to “shelter-in-place.” As our nation tries to flatten the curve, businesses have been crippled by the lack of movement and normal activity. Even though many contractors and construction businesses have been deemed “essential,” we know conducting “business as usual” is still difficult. 

Despite the uncertainty around COVID-19, at Modernize, we continue to see strong interest from homeowners across the country. At the time of publication, we have seen a steady 20 percent increase in homeowners visiting our site compared to February 2020— before the reaches of the pandemic were fully realized. And we’re not alone. According to market research firm Rakuten Intelligence, between early March and early April, home improvement products jumped 71 percent. 

Homeowners are eager to connect virtually during this time to begin their projects safely. As you transition to virtual appointments, communication is paramount to securing a project. Here is how you can succeed:  

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Homeowners shop to support local businesses. 

Highlighting your local offering is key. As homeowners look to improve their homes, they also want to support their community. Small, local businesses are struggling during this difficult time, and homeowners are compassionate to these challenges. 

It is important to highlight your impact within your local community. In your virtual script and demonstration materials share how long you have been in business. Explain how many employees you have locally. Be sure to prepare your sales team as well, and make sure they have this within their script. 

Highlight your local offering in your digital assets.

Updating your digital assets and information is important housekeeping during COVID-19. 

For your website, a simple plugin like Sumo can allow you to add a banner to share your local offering. Highlight local reviews and testimonials from homeowners. Ensure your future reviews include city, state, and potentially a zip code for added relevancy. 

Consider your Google listing as well. Update your profile to include how long you have been in business locally. Don’t forget to update your business bio across social media platforms. You can also update your Better Business Bureau profile with local descriptions. 

Consider offering a promotion for local homeowners. 

We understand not all companies may be able to offer a discount during this difficult time, but consider how you may competitively entice homeowners. As homeowners look to support local businesses, a unique offering might spark a reluctant homeowner to react. 

Now is the time to highlight your local business and your impact within your community. Be sure to update your communication, marketing, and offering help keep your pipeline strong during this storm. 

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