COVID-19 news and updates change quickly and frequently. Some of the information in this article may soon be out of date. We will do our best to keep details updated during this challenging time. The article below reflects information as of June 16, 2020. 

At Modernize, we strive to provide new, encouraging resources to help our contractors transition to virtual tools, manage cash flow, and sustain their business during this unprecedented pandemic. We understand this time is extremely challenging, but we also believe this is a unique time to explore new opportunities to help your business grow and thrive. It is important to continue to market your business to homeowners— now. 

Despite many areas and businesses reopening, homeowners are still spending the majority of their time at home. A recent CNBC survey found 42 percent of respondents, nationwide, are working from home. This is up from just 9 percent before the pandemic. With more time at home, homeowners are actively pursuing home improvement projects., a leading source for international market reports and data, shared on June 12 that the home improvement product market is projected to grow globally by $210.9 billion dollars during COVID-19. We are one of the few industries booming during this difficult time. 

One of the best ways to market your business and reach homeowners is to leverage your social media channels. During this crisis, social media usage is skyrocketing. A study published in April found social media engagement rates are 61 percent higher than normal. Messaging on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp has increased by 50 percent in some areas. Twitter is seeing 23 percent more daily users, year over year. As homeowners are scrolling through their feeds —plotting their home improvement projects— it is important to showcase your business and your safety standards. 

We know it can be hard to determine what to post on your business’ social media. Below, we share recent Facebook posts from home improvement companies nationwide. We hope you use these helpful examples to help inspire your social media outreach. 

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Share your COVID-19 safety procedures 

First and foremost, it is important to alert followers that you are open for business and following safety guidelines to help keep homeowners safe. You can share your updated safety procedures directly in a social post, or expand in a blog. Just make sure this information is easily accessible to homeowners. 

Highlight your local deals and discounts

We understand not all companies may be able to offer a discount during this time, but consider how you may competitively entice homeowners. As homeowners look to support local businesses, a unique offering might spark a reluctant homeowner to move forward. 

Showcase your before and after pictures

Social media is designed to showcase pictures from individuals and businesses. Using imagery in your posts will garner more impressions (eyeballs!) as well as engagements (likes, comments, and shares). Use your channels to share inspiring before and after photos of recent projects. Tip: You can also pair pictures with a homeowner’s rave review! 

Share timely, relevant content with your audience

Homeowners are always looking for trustworthy and helpful information, as well as creative ideas, for their homes. In addition to your core offerings, share tips and articles from your blog or other reliable sources. Topics can include general home improvement and energy efficiency tips, DIY projects, home decor ideas, and even storm safety information. 

Posting organically on social media is free. It just takes a little time and energy from you and your team. Make time to reach new, prospecting homeowners on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Be sure to follow us on Facebook too for our latest contractor resources. 

At Modernize, we understand that social media is a rapidly evolving channel for marketers. Connect with us to understand how you can utilize us as a new marketing channel to increase homeowner requests, and close more deals.

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