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Social media is integrated into every part of our modern world. Not only do people use social media platforms to stay connected with friends and family, but these digital networking sites are also popular for entertainment and even for finding products and services. Did you know that homeowners often use social media when they are looking for home improvement contractors?

The good news is that social media offers a free and simple way that you can get exposure for your business. So, it makes sense for every contractor to take advantage of the opportunities that are available through contractor marketing on social media.

In this article, we are breaking it down: showing why social media should be a major part of your online marketing campaign and how to use social media as a contractor in 2022.

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Why You Need It

Social media is the place where your customers spend time daily, giving you a great opportunity to connect with people who are searching for your services. Not only does a social media profile make your business easier to find, but these platforms are also helpful for building relationships with current customers, past customers, and potential leads.

Through social media interactions, posts, and conversations, you can strengthen your company brand and offer support to people who are ready for your services. This change allows you to manage customer service inquiries, interact with prospects, and even advertise current deals and promotions.

How to Use It

In addition to keeping your profile up-to-date and sharing information through posts and status updates, social media ads can be another way to share your message with your target demographic. Targeted ads help you find the people who have recently searched for home improvement projects or contractors.

Yes, there is the drawback that ads cost money. But the benefits are undeniable because of the exposure and leads that paid advertising can bring to your company.

For example, you can use social media ads to get more followers on your profile. Then post consistently to share useful information and offer value. These posts help to build a relationship and develop a rapport with the people who might have an interest in your services in the future.

Another benefit of using social media as part of your contractor marketing campaign is that posting on your profiles shows that you are active. Even if people aren’t interacting with your account all the time, it looks good when people check out the account if they are considering your services.

What to Post

Coming up with social media content can be a challenge, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience in the contractor marketing industry. When you are planning your posts, think about things that will add value and interest to the people who are following your account.

For example, you can post testimonials to show proof of customer satisfaction. People also like to see quick hacks, home tips, and even DY projects. Before and after photos can be a great way to showcase your skills and show what you can offer.

Not only should you share status updates and text, but videos and images are a valuable way to build your brand. Make sure that the pictures align with the positive outlook you want to foster with every person who interacts with your company.

Investing in Contractor Marketing to Build Your Business

With the right online strategies, you can optimize your contractor marketing results and bring in leads that turn into paying customers. Social media is an integral part of your marketing plan, which is why it’s important to use these social sites to support your business efforts.

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