Social media is an integral part of any online marketing campaign. For contractors, it is important to be proactive with these platforms to help your home improvement business grow.

To increase homeowner insight for contractors, we survey our homeowners on a weekly basis to learn more about their home improvement preferences and pain points. Our most recent 2020 survey shows 8 percent of homeowners use social media to find their contractors.

Leveraging the power of Facebook should be a key component to your marketing efforts. If you are new to Facebook, here is an introduction on how to begin. 

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Facebook is an Effective Tool for Home Improvement Contractors

Facebook currently has more than 2.45 billion active users, with about 1.62 billion people using the social network daily. While many of these active users turn to Facebook for entertainment and socialization, the social media platform also serves as an event calendar, news source, e-commerce site, and an essential tool for learning more about businesses. It’s also common for homeowners to post updates asking friends and family for contractor recommendations. If your home improvement business has a presence on Facebook, then it becomes easy for your current and past customers to tag you in a comment—connecting the potential customer to your service.

Facebook can also make it easy for homeowners to find your company information, such as operating hours and available services.

Create an Effective Facebook Page

Follow these important tips to create a Facebook page that works for your business:

  • Company Information: Include as much information as possible about your business. In the “About” section of the page, write an overview of your services, a brief history of your company, and other relevant information. Add a link to your website, as well as a phone number and email address so customers can contact you easily.
  • Reviews: Building social proof is an effective way to improve your reputation. Invite current and past customers to share their experience by posting reviews on your Facebook page. These reviews can be great content for potential customers to see when they are looking for a new contractor.
  • Ongoing Content: Setting up a business Facebook page is just the first step. Once your social media profile is online, you need to be proactive with regular status updates so your business stays fresh in the news feed. Create a posting schedule so you can share interesting information and stay at the top of your customer’s minds.
  • Paid Advertising: When you design your Facebook page and you have a posting schedule in place, you might consider an investment in paid advertising to drive more traffic to your page.

 Tips for Posting on Facebook

When it comes to social media posts, you need a balance of both quality and quantity. Spamming the page with useless information will drive customers away. Adding valuable, interesting information will draw people in— and potentially lead to a sale in the future.

Remember that every social media post is a touchpoint that can build your business brand. Be deliberate in creating content that builds up your company and shows your professionalism. Here are a few ideas you might use for your Facebook posts:

  • Highlight Reviews: Did you recently receive a glowing review? Share it on social media with a quick copy-and-paste into a status update. Also, post a link where customers can see a list of other reviews.
  • Before and After Pics: People engage more with photos and videos, so you need to be proactive about including this media in your posts. Share before and after pictures to highlight the results of a recent project.
  • Current Offers: If you are running a sale or seasonal offer, post about it on social media to notify customers about the opportunity. Sometimes, customers are waiting for the right deal before choosing to move forward with a home improvement project. Your social media post could be the reason they decide to get started.
  • Helpful Tips: Facebook is a great place to share information and helpful tips for homeowners. Post resources to help people move forward with their current projects.

Improve Your Online Marketing Campaign

Home contractors (such as roofers, carpet cleaning, HVAC, and restoration companies) often get great results through Facebook advertising. You can focus your marketing budget on local ads, ensuring you spend every dollar on marketing efforts that could bring new work contracts.

The key is to make sure you have a compelling offer and you are providing value through the information you post on social media. Implementing the right Facebook strategy might be the best investment you can make for your home improvement business.

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