After the colorful foliage of autumn begins to fade and the colder months begin to set in, homeowners might seem more focused on the holidays and family gatherings than starting their next home renovation project. 

While it’s true that your business can take a dip during winter, it doesn’t mean you should be hibernating. In fact, the holiday season is when homes often get the most noticed. Whether hosting the family get together, or visiting a relative and taking inspirational notes of every room’s décor and layout, homes are given extra attention during this season.

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Making the House a (Better) Home

Homeowners want their house to make a great impression on visiting family and friends. This means they’ll be looking to complete quick jobs and start tackling larger projects. While big renovation projects might not be completed before guests arrive, showing they’ve begun can help a homeowner shift conversations from what the house looks like now, to what it’ll look like come the guest’s next visit.

While this might seem far fetched, 67 percent of homeowners worry their homes will be judged by visiting friends and family. This can discourage some homeowners from hosting parties or gatherings at all, and encourage them to start planning their next home project(s).

This is your opportunity to help homeowners feel comfortable hosting their loved ones in their own home and give them something extra to celebrate during the holiday season.

Why Homeowners are Eyeing Winter to Start Planning Their Renovation Projects

You’re not the only one who has some extra time during the winter season. Thanks to the holidays many people have additional off-time, and as office projects begin to slow, away time becomes more realistic for even the busiest workaholics. This provides a chance for homeowners to schedule appointments and discuss the details of their home improvement project(s) with a contractor.

Homeowners also understand that spring and summer can be the busiest times for contractors. By beginning projects in winter, they can often work more closely with a contractor and have the possibility of completing projects within a shorter timeline.

How You Can Boost Business in the Winter Months

In short, while fewer homeowners might be eyeing winter renovations, there are still plenty that are. Pursuing qualified leads can land you new projects and help you start the new year strong.

This is the time to take advantage of the additional free time potential clients will have. Start making calls and scheduling appointments with your leads, and make the most of opportunities to meet face-to-face to discuss projects. With the added pressures of holiday looming, and the desire to tackle projects before manufacturer rate hikes, homeowners will be ready to begin their renovations.

While some homeowners might wait until after-tax return season to start their largest projects, building a relationship with a client during the winter months can mean your services are more likely to be retained when the time comes.

How Modernize Can Help

Don’t let the winter months slow down the momentum of your business. At Modernize, we have the knowledge, tools, and resources to help identify qualified leads for your business, so you can focus on your clients. We’ll only connect you with leads that are suited for your services and those ready to get their projects underway.

Our trusted team of professionals are ready to help you grow your business during the winter months, so you can help homeowners start the new year with renovations they can show off to the family.

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