"Our follow-up process instantly was better for our Modernize leads." — Matt Vasquez, co-owner

Industry: Windows & Doors
Company size: 11 employees, $6.8MM
Location: Florida
Products used: Modernize and Hatch

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Before founding My Neighborhood, Matt Vazquez was part of a team in charge of coordinating the growth of a modest roofing company in Florida. When he started, the company only had two offices. By the time he left, they were a near-nationwide juggernaut, boasting offices across the entire state of Florida, stretching into the midwest and southeast parts of the country.

When Matt decided to take on the window industry and start My Neighborhood, he had similar goals of becoming a scalable organization, but he had to start from the ground up.

The problem

Matt did not yet have the budget to afford a robust sales and marketing system as he had at his previous company. 

But the team had lofty sales goals and was determined to aggressively pursue them. So Matt had to get creative and try to mimic the system he used to have. He did the best he could, but eventually, he hit a wall. Obstacles in the way of growth became clear:  

  • Constantly tweaking six different tools was a major time-sink
  • Low prospect engagement rate caused a lack of data
  • Insufficient automation. For example, they were texting homeowners who were still in the prospect stage.

"I need to do all of this automatically to focus on growth instead of having to mess with different tools. Managing our tools became a weekly maintenance operation. We just wanted to focus on growth." — Matt Vasquez, co-owner

The sales and marketing tools Matt put together were time-consuming and headache-inducing. He struggled to find an all-in-one tool that could both accommodate his budget, and an increase of leads from Modernize. 

Overall, they lacked a repeatable, time-efficient, scalable process that could keep cost per acquisition low.

Why My Neighborhood chose Hatch for Modernize leads

When Matt was finally introduced to Hatch, it was obvious to him that it was the all-in-one tool My Neighborhood was looking for.

"Once I started to look at Hatch, I realized 90% of what I needed to do was all in one place." — Matt Vasquez, co-owner

His only worry was that the integration and setup would be a long, drawn-out process. It took his previous(albeit larger) home improvement company an entire year to mature into a text-first organization. 

But Hatch helped My Neighborhood do it in only 24 hours.

"I looked at it Monday, paid for it on Tuesday, and it was up and running on Wednesday." — Matt Vasquez, co-owner

The results after launching Hatch

The numbers

After deciding to increase My Neighborhood’s lead intake by 300%, Matt worried that the set rates would plummet. His worries quickly vanished when he saw the numbers climb well above the industry average. 

"We increased lead intake by 300% and STILL increased our appointment set rate from 30% to 35%. In the window industry, that is REALLY good." — Matt Vasquez, co-owner

  • Appointment set rate increased 5%
  • Close rate increased 3%
  • Prospect engagement increased 20%
  • Sales increased 30%

The time savings

"Hatch saved us so much time IMMEDIATELY. I saved about 10-15 hours of time each week, and my team saved another fifteen." — Matt Vasquez, co-owner

With Hatch, a significant chunk of My Neighborhood’s sales process became automated, saving the entire team dozens of hours a week. They no longer have to work leads early on because Hatch does it for them. 

The team has reinvested the time saved into iterating and focusing on new growth strategies, including:

  • Creating lead source-specific campaigns to get the most out of each lead source
  • Finding the best ways to automate the sales process further, such as templates to get homeowners to self-schedule appointments
  • Testing strategies to boost conversion rates(different messaging, campaigns, cadences etc.) 
  • Building a referral network
  • Analyzing the customer journey to enhance the customer experience
  • Upgrading the lead handling process from start to finish

Matt and his team finally feel like they are a sales, marketing, and customer service company first, and a home improvement company second.

"Everything we do in our marketing, is iterative. You have to test. How do you do that? You need time. Without time, you cannot create. And you get time through automation." — Matt Vasquez, co-owner

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