The 2020 holiday season will be like no other. 

In the home improvement sector, winter usually brings a sharp change to homeowners’ project timelines. Cold, unpredictable weather impacts a percentage of projects— but more often than not, homeowners are simply distracted. Costly travel and expenses that accrue during the holidays, and homeowners typically pause, cancel, or delay their home projects till the spring. 

But this year, COVID-19 has disrupted every sector —and most aspects— of our lives. The travel industry has suffered catastrophic damages during this somber time of social distancing. And this winter season, homeowners will be home for the holidays. 

To better understand how homeowners will approach the upcoming holiday season, we surveyed more than 5,000 Modernize homeowners to learn about their travel and home improvement plans. The results are surprising.

We learned:  

  • 76% of homeowners will not travel this holiday 
  • 55% of homeowners will begin or continue home improvement projects this winter
  • 22% of homeowners plan to spend between $5,000 and $15,000 on home improvement projects
  • 39% of homeowners plan to pay for their projects with cash

In our latest eBook, we dive deeper into these survey results. We also share how contractors can use marketing and remarketing tactics to capture these rare, off-season business opportunities. Learn how local businesses are thriving during the pandemic, and how clever email campaigns can capture new interest. o support these findings, we have designed a free, easy-to-digest, ebook. The report reflects information from more than 3,000 consumer and trade surveys completed in late 2019 and early 2020. The results are based on survey responses from over 12,300 homeowners. 

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