Now that the New Year has started, many home improvement professionals  are refocusing on their marketing efforts for 2021. What strategies are you planning to build for your business this year?

Just because 2020 has ended doesn’t mean that you have to start over with your marketing. It’s likely that you have leads from last year that still hold the possibility of a sale. Even though those leads didn’t convert right away, you still have the opportunity to turn them into paying customers.

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Planning Your Construction Sales: 2020 vs. 2021

It’s an understatement to say that 2020 was an unusual year. Even in good economic years, homeowners are cautious about investing in their home improvement projects. The pandemic and economic uncertainty of 2020 made families even more careful about high-cost spending.

Typically, homeowners need about 30 days to decide before moving forward with a renovation project. This timeline was longer for many people in 2020. Families chose to hold onto the cash, giving them time to see what would happen with their employment and the worldwide economy.

As we moved into the New Year, mindsets changed for many people. Society is adjusting to the uncertainty of the pandemic. Industries are finding ways to adapt to new ways of doing business. Plus, the news of a vaccine has many people feeling optimistic about the future.

These mindset shifts have a positive impact on the comfort and security that people need to invest in their homes.

Identifying Property Value Opportunities in 2021

It’s clear that the real estate market is holding strong. Not only are mortgage rates the lowest we’ve seen in years, but the demand for real estate is high in many parts of the country. Most areas have low real estate inventory, which helps to drive up home prices. The continued demand creates a prime opportunity for homeowners who want to maximize their property value.

When you are talking to homeowners who are on the fence about their renovations, remind them of the current trends in the real estate market. People have an easier time spending money on their home construction projects because they can see that it truly is an investment in the future.

Re-marketing to Cold Leads

Cold leads aren’t always dead leads! Continuous outreach is key to converting those cold leads into paying customers. Since people don’t often sign the deal during the first conversation, you need to be persistent about making your business stand out in the industry. Follow up with emails, phone calls, and text messages. Make it a personal interaction to impress each potential client.

The goal is to re-market in a way that supports the needs of your target demographic without being overbearing in your efforts. Find new value propositions you can add to your emails and phone calls, showing why people should rethink their home renovations options.

Always include a call to action to encourage each customer to take the next step. Asking for the sale is sometimes the missing piece that might be preventing you from closing the deal.

If you can solve the person’s problems, then it’s a no-brainer decision to move forward with the renovations. Get into the psychology of why people are hesitating to buy, then tap into the talking points that motivate someone to fix the current issues they are facing in their home.

Keeping your focus on the customer’s needs – not your company’s needs – is the most effective way to draw in the customers who are ready to buy. Offer value and focus on customer satisfaction, and you’ll find that it’s easier to keep an active list of interested customers in your sales funnel.

At Modernize, we’re here to help you generate sales and leads. With the right marketing and re-marketing system, you can bring in the sales at a steady pace – helping your business stay busy throughout the year. Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about increasing your online marketing efforts.

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