It is not viable for HVAC and home improvement marketing to eliminate marketing costs. Instead of cutting the marketing  budget, every contractor needs to understand how to reduce marketing costs and optimize conversion rates to maximize Return on Investment. 

If you are implementing a new marketing campaign or looking for ways to optimize your current campaign, here are a few critical factors:  

  • Targeting the right customers 
  • Tapping into customer referrals 
  • Watch your ad spend.
Table of Contents

Target the Right Customers

You need to craft a message to tap into the ideal demographic while watching click costs; ad spend profit margins, and more. One way to boost the likelihood of success is to qualify the customers you are targeting. Know your ideal customer and how you can capture their attention by sharing information about available services.  

As you are designing your ads, be transparent about the messaging. Maximize your spending by using high intent lead sources, such as Google Ads. During the keyword research phase, you’ll find keywords that bring in customers from three different categories: 

  1. Homeowners who are just looking. 
  2. Homeowners who are comparing options and are ready to buy in the upcoming weeks or months. 
  3. Homeowners who are in “buy mode” and ready to hire a contractor immediately. 

Find keywords that align with user intent by avoiding generic phrases and sticking with long-tail keywords. The more specific the search, the closer the person is to buying. 

Leverage Customer Referrals

The cheapest form of marketing is bringing in leads through referrals. These customers are happy with the services they receive; they share information with friends, family, and neighbors who might also be interested in your services.  Not only does word of mouth cost nothing, but these leads are prepared with good reviews about your company. Build solid connections with the homeowners you work with, and they will share positive reviews about your company. 

To set up an effective referral system: 

  1. Make sure you build real relationships with the homeowners you are working with. 
  2. Exceed their expectations to ensure customer satisfaction. 
  3. Follow up after the project to ask for referrals.   

Review Ad Spend and Optimize Campaigns 

Finally, be proactive about managing your ad campaigns. For example, when spending money on Pay Per Click contractor marketing, you want to ensure that you get the most value from the clicks you receive. Look at the data and adjust the campaigns as needed. If you find low-performing keywords: cut them. If you see positive results from certain keywords: look for ways to expand on them. A few tweaks here and there can go a long way to ensure that your campaign is bringing in leads and more sales. 

Invest in Contractor Marketing to Help Your Business Grow

Contractor marketing is one of the best investments to help your HVAC business grow. As you design and improve your campaigns, ensure you are targeting the right customers, leveraging referrals, and implementing active management in your ad campaigns. Modernize is here to help with proven strategies for home improvement marketing and lead generation. Contact us to learn more about available services.