The slow season is an excellent time to catch your breath and relax. However, it is also the perfect opportunity to refocus your marketing efforts on filling your pipeline. The work you do right now will set the stage for the future, having an undeniable influence on your business growth and success in the coming year.

Even though many homeowners are waiting before they are ready to begin their renovation projects, it does not mean that you should shut down your marketing efforts altogether. Here are a few reasons why you need to keep your sales funnel open during the slow season:

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Leads Now and in the Future

Even though things are slowing down, your calendar does not have to sit empty for the next few months. Some homeowners right now might be looking to get ahead of the busy season by solidifying their project plans to start renovations in the spring.

The marketing work you do now will keep your pipeline full through the beginning of the New Year. Even if homeowners are still planning and budgeting for their projects, the relationships you develop right now will turn into contracts in the future.

No Need to Start from Scratch

If you close your pipeline during the slow season, you will be starting from scratch when things are picking up again. As a result, you will be behind the curve because homeowners will have already completed their research and picked their contractors. 

While it is true that lead volume decreases during the slow season, it does not go away completely. There are still homeowners reaching out for help on their projects. When you have a lead generation strategy that is working, it makes sense to continue with these marketing efforts. There is no reason to miss out on potential customers because it is the slow season!

Supplies and Labor Considerations

Home improvement contractors in all trades face a similar challenge: supply and labor shortages. When there are limited resources, it affects your ability to deliver the work homeowners want.

Keeping your pipeline open through the off-season can help you minimize supply chain issues. Most contractors understand that getting the right products and materials takes time. Now is the time to set proper expectations for your potential customers. First, inform your homeowners about the supply chain issues. To help them prepare for their project, communicate that signing now will help minimize delays once you are ready to begin the project.

Signing now means you have a higher likelihood of ordering the materials and having them arrive on time for spring projects. In addition, stacking the pipeline this December keeps you on track with the schedule when the industry starts to pick up again.

It is essential to ensure that your team is ready to deliver this work. If you have a skeleton crew, you may not be able to commit to big jobs during the slow season. But you may be able to handle repair projects or more minor renovations. These relatively small projects keep your crew busy and provide paychecks for the workers you will need in the busy season.

Lead Generation in All Seasons

At Modernize, we have a proven system for generating home improvement leads throughout the year. Talk to us about how you can bring in qualified leads in the slow season and stack your pipeline for the coming year.

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