Do you have enough home improvement leads to maintain a full schedule? Lead generation can make the difference between staying busy or losing out on business. Even in the slow season, home improvement contractors using lead generation services consistently bring in new customers.  

But it’s not right for every company. Consider these three questions to decide if it’s time for you to invest in lead generation as part of your home improvement marketing strategy: 

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Are You Ready to Expand?

Growing your business and entering new markets is difficult. Your competition is already there, and they might already be well established. But expanding to more zip codes—or even cities—can increase revenue if you do it right. 

Lead generation services are an effective way to work leads from many different places. The digital marketing structure housed in lead gen services is already in place to find leads in these new regions. You can nurture these leads and validate your company. 

Do You Want a Predictable Flow of Leads?

It’s a challenge to manage your staffing and schedule when you don’t know what to expect in terms of workflow. The slow season seems to drag by, while the busy season is stressful and non-stop. 

Lead generation is one way to help you avoid the ups and downs of different seasons. A good strategy means having a steady stream of leads coming in – even in the slow season. 

Consider your priorities to determine whether lead generation matches your preferences. For example, some contractors take the slow season off. But many contractors take advantage of this lack of competition. For example, roofing contractors sometimes use the slow season to do as many small repair jobs as possible. Lead generation services are a great way to find these jobs. 

Do You Have the Staffing to Follow Up with Leads?

Ensure you have the staff to handle the volume of leads you might receive from a lead generation service.  If you only have a small follow-up team, you might not be able to keep up with the leads fast enough to close the deals. As a result, leads fall through the cracks, and you will not see a return on your investment.   

As you are ramping up your lead generation efforts, it’s essential to understand that you need the team to keep up with the demand. Your sales team needs to have the resources and systems in place to deliver the high level of care that turns leads into sales.  

You only have a small window of time when the leads are “warm.” Homeowners are usually reaching out to multiple home improvement contractors at once, which is why a fast response makes a difference in whether you will close the deal. 

When you have the staff to follow up, you can qualify the leads that come in and increase your chances of closing. 

Lead Generation Services to Boost the Bottom Line

If you are ready to grow your business, looking for a steady flow of leads, and have the staffing to manage the volume, then it’s time to reach out to our team at Modernize for more information. 

We offer proven lead generation services for home improvement contractors. Schedule a consultation to learn more about how your business will benefit from these services. 

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