Paid search, or Pay Per Click (PPC), is a great way to ramp up your lead generation efforts and connect with clients  searching for your services. But without strategic campaign planning and management, your Pay Per Click strategies can quickly burn through your advertising budget.

The key is to design your paid search campaigns with targeted keywords to help your business rank above competitors. Here are a few easy tips to level up your PPC campaign or look for ways to improve your KPI results.

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Use Exact, Phrase, and Broad Match Keywords

The keywords you choose will determine how your ad is shown in  search engines. There are three different keyword types in paid search marketing: 

  • Broad Match: If you want to reach the largest audience, then a broad match is the way to go. Not only does your ad show for the keyword, but it also brings in traffic from other related keyword variations. PPC campaigns default to broad match, but you can change the match type if desired. 
  • Phrase Match: The next option is to target a specific keyword phrase using quotations around the keyword. The ad will only appear to people searching for this phrase specifically or close variations. For example, if your ad is targeting “plumbing services,” then phrase match might also bring in traffic for people searching for “emergency plumbing services” and “plumbing services near me,” but not “local plumber.” 
  • Exact Match: In an exact match type, the ads only show up for people who search for the specific keyword – and nothing else. This method is for a highly targeted or specific audience; however, it can decrease the number of impressions your ad receives depending on how trendy the keyword is.  

A good strategy is to run multiple campaigns simultaneously to see what is working. Then, refine your focus based on ad performance to optimize your paid search ROI.

Improve Your Ad Copywriting with Tools

Is your ad capturing people’s attention because it has a catchy headline and exciting information to intrigue people? Make sure you maximize your ad spend by using tools to improve the effectiveness of your ad copywriting. 

Here are a few great resources: 

  • AI technology that helps you quickly create different copy variations, so you have new ads to split-test. 
  • Facebook Ads Library: A reference with various advertisements  previously run on Facebook, helping you get competitive insights and inspiration for your paid search ads. 

Finally, search for your top keywords to see your competitors’ ads.  Following the competition is an effective way to see what is currently working in the industry.

Retargeting Potential Customers

Even though you bring in a customer through paid search, that relationship might need a little more time before they are ready to buy. Retargeting helps you maintain awareness with the people who previously clicked through your ads and visited your website.

The truth is that 97% of new website visitors will leave without setting up an appointment or buying something. Even when a person leaves your website, retargeting allows you to share text or visual ads when they are on other websites. Retargeting platforms include Facebook, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and other popular online resources.

One of the most notable benefits of retargeting is that it builds visibility for your brand, allowing you to reach an audience that has already expressed interest in your products. Plus, it is a lot more cost-effective than other types of advertising.

Proven Systems for Lead Generation

If you are looking for a boost in lead volume now and a high return on investment, consider investing your marketing budget into lead generation. Contact us at Modernize to learn more about how we connect homeowners with contractors who provide the ideal services.

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